Top 10 Optional Subjects with highest number of candidates recommended in Civil Services Examination 2015

A glance at the data emerging from recently released 67th Annual Report of UPSC clearly indicates the top 10 optional subjects that helped candidates to crack Civil Services Examination 2015.

The list has all popular names of optional subjects that occupied the top 10 list; it displays similar name as figured in CSE 2014; but, fortunes of many candidates appeared with these optional subjects have changed dramatically.


This being the latest authentic data available in public domain extracted from 67th Annual Report of UPSC brings a few eye-opener facts that can impact the rational some candidates apply while choosing optional subject for Civil Services (Main) Examination.

Before we compare the performance of optional subject with respect to last year, we need to look at the total number of candidates recommended in CSE 2014 and CSE 2015.

As we saw 1363 successes; maximum number of candidates recommended with CSE 2014, the following year this number stood at 1164 candidates recommended with CSE 2015.

All Top 10 popular optional subjects that helped candidates in achieving success in Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2014 are same as in 2014; but, their standing as well as their fortunes have changed dramatically.Top 10 Optional Subjects - Candidates Recommended - CSE 2015

If I have to pick, Anthropology stands tall among these with 95 candidates recommended in CSE 2015 and saw a big jump from 68 candidates recommended in CSE 2014.

On other side the subject that doomed the fortunes of many, the most popular optional subject Geography performed rather poorly.

In CSE 2014 with 255 candidates recommended Geography helped maximum number of candidates to accomplish the goal; but, despite maximum number of candidates appearing with Geography in CSE 2015, number of candidates recommended dropped down to as low as 115 with a miserable success-rate of 3.4 percent. 

Despite a drop in total number of successes Sociology (173 candidates recommended in CSE 2015; 193 candidates in CSE 2014) gained top spot. However, it has retained reasonably good success-rate of 11.7 Percent.

Being toppled to third spot in CSE 2014, Public Administration (151 candidates recommended both in CSE 2014 and CSE 2015) regained second position in the list of top 10 in CSE 2015.

This shows that despite total number of candidates recommended being less comparing previous year, Public Administration has helped similar number of candidates in getting success in CSE 2015. Even, success-rate of Public Administration has gone up to 8.4 percent.

Similar is the story of the next best performer History (102 candidates recommended in CSE 2014 as well as in CSE 2015) that continues to be at 4th place.

With an improved show, Political Science & International Relations grabbed the sixth position.

Top 10 Optional Subjects with highest number of candidates recommended

Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2015

Top 10 Optional Subjects - Candidates Recommended - CSE 2015

Among these top 10 optional subjects, when it comes to success-rate, Medical Science (20.2 percent), Law (16.7 percent) and Anthropology (14.8 percent) stands out and continues to be best performing optional subjects.


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