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Success Rate of Optional Subjects in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2015

Optional Subject selection is one of the biggest choices one has to make and once again, its significance has come on fore as the marks secured in optional subjects have a say in your final result. 

With recent 67th Annual Report of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), the authentic data relating to performance of optional subjects in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013, 2014 and 2015 out in public domain, candidates will get to know the true picture about performance of each optional subject and their success-rate.

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67th Annual Report of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) provides this vital information and will provide parameters that can be useful while short-listing optional subjects and making strategies for preparation.

Civil Services Examination preparation involves many important areas that contribute in your final result and one decision that influence your Main Examination result is optional subject that you pick.

Recently, Civil Services (Main) Examination has undergone some changes and as per newer requirements, candidates need to opt for only ‘One’ optional subject; still, Optional Subject selection is not that easy and requires a lot of analysis before you take the final decision.

Optional Subject’s past performance and success-rate is one of the established factors that give candidates a feel about the performance of a particular subject in Civil Services Examination.

For majority of candidates, it is a major factor that helps them take final decision.

In newer environment, it is evident that standing order of many of the most popular optional subjects has changed and lot of new subjects are hogging the limelight.

Just to form an idea about the optional subject selection that helped successful candidates to find their name in merit-list, now we have three years’ data to analyse and find how the optional subjects that you have short-listed for yourself are placed.

All the guess work is out of the way and the most significant data relating to optional subject’s performance and success-rate in newer environment is available.

The following data gives some insights about candidates’ preferences and even success-rate.

The preferences candidates made in Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2015 while picking up ‘One’ optional subject and the success-rate is given in the table below.

Distribution of Candidates who Appeared vis-à-vis Recommended by Optional Subjects Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2015

Top 10 Optional Subjects - Candidates Recommended - CSE 2015

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