Some Most Important Aspects Pertaining to Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2019

For all those planning to appear in Civil Services Examination 2019, the first stage Preliminary Examination is the first target and your aim is to crack Prelims so that your journey towards dream destination – IAS continues.

June 2, 2019 is the D-day and all your preparations are expected to be on target and you would be ready to face Prelims confidently.

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This is a big examination and a stiff competition requires a systematic study-plan that involves thorough preparation of complete syllabus, frequent modifications and revision. It also entails a regular evaluation of what all you studied in past few months.

What you require?

To confidently face the unpredictability that this examination throws, you need a balanced preparation that involves conceptual clarity and updated information along with awareness about the world around.

You are going to face an examination that involves creativity as well as innovation. Competing with such a wide gamut of candidates where you can just form an idea about the cut-off based on previous results and just on that assumption, you make your strategy to answer as many questions correctly as you can to be in safe zone.

You need to develop an attitude that helps you sail through and a performance that ensures marks well above the cut-off.

How to judge the preparedness?

Majority of candidates commence preparation well in advance and by now, you must have prepared well to face the Prelims.

So, it is your own battle and you have to fine-tune your strategy if you lack confidence and assume that still preparation is not up to the level.

Don’t worry if anxiety is about next stage Main Examination preparation, for that you will have sufficient time to look at the areas that require attention and you can always cover up the ground in the time that you have in hand.

Right now in Prelims, trust on your strong areas; so that you score well here and reach in the safety zone. As such, by now, you must have gone through the evaluation process with mock-tests to judge your preparedness.

Practice makes your chances bright as you develop speed in solving questions with accuracy.

Besides, you gain self-belief in applying logic and reasoning to figure out the correct option by eliminating the wrong one and by applying common sense you reach out to conclusions that are invariably accurate.

Moreover, these mock-tests would have helped in spotting the topics that are not so well prepared. You will be able to recognize the type of questions where you get stuck. Keep an eye of those sections were your answers are wrong as probably you are not able to understand the theme.

The most important thing is and I hope that you must have reposed faith in authentic sources only as far as study-material is concerned and always trusted reputed names for Mock-Tests.

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