Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2019: what are your priorities in next few days?

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2019 is scheduled for 2nd June 2019. As you have limited days in hand, you have to be careful about it.

By now, you must have covered the syllabus and would be moving according to the plan with revision.

Life is full of opportunities ... here’s one for you! The Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2019 is near.

You have to acknowledge the importance of Preliminary Examination and how significant success at this stage is.

By now, you must have covered the complete syllabus for Prelims Paper I & II and would be moving according to the plan with revision and evaluation of your preparedness. I hope Newspaper reading is continuing.

There is no specific preparation-plan which can be termed universal. It differs from person to person depending upon their preparation strategy to cover the complete exam-plan, efforts required to match the level of preparation this exam requires, the familiarity with the optional subject you pick, kind of study material and books you are exposed to.

It also depends upon the fact if you join coaching and are taking help from some experts.

In past few months, besides Prelims requirements, you must have been giving the proper attention and time to Mains related necessities also; but, now for next few days you need to focus on Preliminary Examination requirements.

As the cut-off depends purely on your Prelims General Studies Paper I, you have to be careful. 

Although, Prelims General Studies Paper II has been made qualifying, still you need to devote time it deserves.

It is an aptitude based test and you will have a number of multiple-choice questions to answer in stipulated 2 hours time. So, practice is going to be the key. In many areas, you need to learn the tricks and short-cut methods to answer correct alternative among the given options.

In order to bring out your very best, it is the time to decide your activities, daily routine. Now you have limited time and it will fly at a much higher speed than what you think.

Now, what should be your top priority?

The revision means revision and your endeavor should be to cover as much as you can.

You have to be ready to face ‘UPSC’ surprises. Don’t leave it to chance as being selective you may fail to spot exactly what UPSC is looking for.

While you prepare for Preliminary Examination, keep yourself away from distractions. This is the time for evaluation of your preparedness; try to mend the shortcomings that are being spotted.

Best is to lay your hands on the Mock-Tests available offline and online and practice as much as you can. This will help you in attaining speed and accuracy. Besides, as Jasmeet Singh Sandhu (AIR 3; CSE 2015) suggested that as you pick these mock-tests, read it once and spot the areas that are new to you or are not well-prepared.

Prepare these areas well and after that attempt the paper. With this preparation strategy, he could attempt approx. 90 % of questions in Prelims General Studies Paper I.

You have to gain knowledge, build awareness and have to make yourself ready to face random questions that may surprise you. Your confidence level should be so high that you crack the Prelims in a flow.

Remain focused and inspired; you have to work hard.

Learn time management techniques; make daily targets and try to achieve them. If by chance you miss target; if there is a genuine reason, then it is okay but if it is because of any distraction, stay away from such situations.

Remember any slip at this stage will means you will have to wait for next year preparing the same stuff; so, take it seriously and give your best to cross the hurdle.

This is time to be inspired by the recent successes and with your first step success, you will pave the way for your final success and who knows it may be you who will be in spotlight next year.

So, make the best use of the time available and prepare yourself to face the Prelims 2019.

Last Update Sunday 17th February 2019     

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