Faced negative result in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2018: It is time to make your preparation strategies afresh

Any negative result in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2018 will force candidates to start afresh and their struggle for success continues.

It is not a matter of being dejected; rather, it is time to make your preparation strategies for next attempt more meaningful and target oriented.

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Any negative result in Main Examination 2018  brings us back to the basics and emphasis should be on comprehensive preparation rather than focusing on selected areas that take over sometimes with own imaginations or may be as a result of some suggestions and limit the reach.

After clearing Preliminary Examination, you were on right track; but, the fact is here in Main Examination your competition is with select candidates who are well prepared and committed towards the cause.

So, in case you are facing some negative outcome, you should never lose heart as you lost to an opponent with clearer mind-set and better techniques to handle Main Examination.

It is time to introspect and get ready with new energy and focused mind-set.

You understand the things that work for Preliminary Examination and experience with things at Main; with rigorous practice, you can brighten the prospects in next attempt.

You deserve the best, go all out to achieve the best

If you have a lifetime aspiration of being IAS officer, think of people who have succeeded and achieve top slots.

As has been said ‘Everyone deserves the best for himself’; so, go all out to show the world what you are and try to be one among the ‘successful lot’.

This arena belongs to the optimists; you are competing with intelligent and committed youth with strong aspirations and you can win only with a positive mind-set. Some hindrances like some broken effort or disappointments at any stage should be taken as stepping stones to big success.

You are capable, you have potential to become ‘IAS’; so, keep making sincere effort and soon, you will achieve what you are dreaming.

Come true to the words ‘Our life is what we make it’.

Let’s talk success!

The uncertainty and unpredictability associated with this examination calls for a focused approach. It not only calls for a performance far above the ground; it inspires you to keep working harder and continue raising the bar higher and delivering positive result at each and every level of examination.

I have been bringing experiences of the successful candidates in Civil Services Examination who express their secrets, knowledge and skills deployed by them to crack this examination which are of great value to all candidates.

Identifying these traits can certainly act as starting point for you to chalk out your strategy.

I have met and interacted with more than thousand toppers in Civil Services Examination spread over more than three decades. A few of them cracked this examination in the very first attempt; some had to try it a little longer and many of them had to fight till the last attempt to succeed here.

Like you, even I am amazed to meet them year after year and have been inquisitive to know their secret of success so that we can define a sure shot success-plan.

The most amazing thing I found is that everyone had own style and strategy which worked for them.

Finally, instead of trying to decode the secret formula for success, I realized, it doesn’t matter which way you do it; what all matters is - Your focus and commitment to your Goal.

By making timely and well-considered decisions, you, too, can guide yourself to spectacular and well-deserved success.

Wishing you all ‘Good Luck’.

Last Update Sunday 23rd December 2018     

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