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10 Pointers that can enhance the chances of improved performance in Personality Test (Interview) 2018

For an Effective Interview, the advice comes from none other than Rajanvir Singh Kapur (IAS) who is currently Head, Civil Services Study Centre, Govt. of West Bengal, Kolkata.

These valuable inputs would certainly help you in an effective preparation and an improved performance in coming Personality Test (Interview) 2018.

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Dear Friends,

Congrats for clearing the Civil Services (Main) Exam 2018.

I am sure you are feeling great! You ought to feel good.

But, please do not become lax. Please do not think that now you have done everything.

Interview can MAKE or MAR your final result.

Some pointers for you:

  1. Interview is all about your personality & not just a quiz or knowledge test. The fact that you are going to Dholpur House testifies your Knowledge. Now it is time to see who you are.
  2. Some may say, "Personality" cannot be changed and is developed from years. I agree but there is a catch. You have to ensure you retain your individuality yet Polish it.
  3. Polishing simply means “officer like qualities". You may answer the same thing; but, in a different way.
  4. Your entire demeanour should be cool, calm, composed and at ease.
  5. The dress should complement you. Not too dull, not too bright. Just that looks good on you yet sober. Try to imagine how you would like to see your ideal IAS officer, dress alike.
  6. One very important tip: You will meet fellow candidates before interview. Try to relax.
  7. If some people try to scare you or create a bias against an interviewer or so, do not give much head. Such last minute inputs are very dangerous. Keep calm.
  8. It helps if you take few long and deep breaths before entering the interview room. It reduces tension and freshen your mind.
  9. Enter the room with confidence & poise, greet all. It is natural to have a Blackout in first few seconds. Do not panic! Just answer calmly and smile.
  10. At the end, smile, thank the interviewers and while leaving the room, do not bang the door too hard.

All the best!


Rajan V.S. Kapur, IAS

Last Update Saturday 22nd December 2018     

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