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Personality Test (Interview) 2018: – Have an End in Mind

Main Examination 2018 result are the most awaited thing right now and till the time result is out, majority of candidates find it difficult to concentrate on anything they pick up.

Soon, the outcome of efforts made by candidates in Main Examination 2018 would be in front of us and consequences of that will determine the path on which the candidates will move.

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These are the most anxious moments for those who wrote Civil Services (Main) Examination 2018 as the result is expected soon.

Days of doubt and restless moments are going to be over and after knowing Mains result; you will set your priorities.

Whatever the outcome may be, all candidates will need attention and support.

Be it success in Main Examination or failure, a strong sense of purpose will help candidates maintain their focus in an enduring way.

Main Examination 2018 result will define the outcome; and consequences of that will determine the path on which the candidates will move. Successful candidates would concentrate their energies on ‘Interview’ preparation to leave an imprint on Interview Board; while candidates facing negative outcome will start a fresh for Prelims 2019.

A positive outcome for candidates will bring the ‘Lucky’ ones nearer to the goal and for them; the final result is clear in sight.

Getting chance to face interview board is a big realization of the efforts you have made; now, it is your ‘Personality’ that comes in to play.

You have an aptitude for ‘Civil Services’ and now, in next few weeks, you have just brush up things and prepare yourself for a brilliant show.

Paths to success have no short cuts

By reaching Interview stage, candidates get a fair idea about the efforts that this examination requires.

A major hard work that has gone into Main Examination would have laid the origin; now with whatsoever small; but, significant prop up your Interview marks can add to your result; that will determine your standing in the merit-list.

‘Personality Test’ is a stage where you should remain more serious about efforts and don’t let any complacency set in.

I have seen many falling at Interview stage just because of their careless attitude towards it and thinking that final success in almost in their grip. Only a few marks lost in Interview could hamper your ranking in the merit-list or even your chances of final selection.

Consider the heartbreaks any failure at Main Examination gives and god forbid, if you fall at last stage, how painful it is going to be.

Take full advantage of the opportunity you are going to get and work on things that matters with full dedication.

No harm in taking advice from some influential people and someone whom you trust; but, too much of recommendations, suggestions and opinions may leave you confused.

What to do?

Be clear – this stage of Civil services Examination is not a complex concept; figure out what the Interview Board expects and how you prepare yourself to face it confidently.

It is all about your mindset and while preparing for Civil Services Examination you gradually prepare yourself to face the Interview Board and now, when you really need it; your mindset is going to influence your performance as well as the outcome.

Prepare clear, concise explanations for everything you need to know – practical and applicable; be it current affairs, contemporary issues, optional subject related rationalized understanding and even something relating to your academic background.

Articulate your personal account of information that you have shared in Detailed Application Form (DAF) you filled before Main Examination.

If working, create a coherent narrative about your work and justification for an alternative career now you are looking for in ‘Civil Services’.

Understand the nuances of the UPSC Interview and look at the elements that can boost your confidence and put you on solid ground. To put it simple words, you need to enhance your understanding of yourself and the world around you.



Last Update Wednesday 19th December 2018     

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