IAS 2019 - Anybody can Achieve Anything

Yes, every year many candidates among you prove the above statement right and accomplish the goals by achieving big success.

It is a regular phenomenon and with CSE 2017 results we saw Durishetty Anudeep (AIR 1), Anu Kumari (AIR 2), Sachin Gupta (AIR 3) and many other candidates who accomplished the task in style.

In next few months, with Civil Services Examination 2018 results, we are going to have a glimpse of new stars who will be rewarded for their genuine hard work and honest efforts.

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It is time to get inspired and for those who are going to face Civil Services Examination 2019 for the first time, they should pick the first lesson – First, try to change your attitude and think and act like a positive person with single aim of achieving success here.

And for those who could not succeed in last attempt/attempts, for them as well, it is a new beginning.

It is the time to take blessings of elders, teachers and senior candidates and prey god to get the required strength and focus so that you may emerge winner in the end.

On the strong pedestal of fundamentals, you have to put up a diligent effort with intense focus on adding knowledge and awareness, revising and bringing information up to date and making efforts to improve expression and presentation.

When you are facing such an intense competition, your efforts should be to get the better of the fellow competitors and maintain a winning edge from the beginning.

Understand the nature of this examination

UPSC has very clear Exam-Plan with prescribed syllabus for question papers at each stage of the examination.

The approach for it is very different from your academics; more willingly than preparing different subjects listed in syllabus, it is a preparation of candidates’ mindset and gradual expansion of skills, knowledge and overall personality that suits the traits of a ‘Civil Servant’.

You require comprehensive coverage of syllabus with a proper mix of basics, conceptual clarity and the current aspects that enables you to analytically approach the demands of dynamic, innovative and creative approach UPSC has embraced in recent times.

It would be easier to handle the preparation if you care for quality books and study material, right choice of optional subject, worthy guidance and acknowledging the exam-standards that it entails. 

When we talk of Exam-Standards; what does it mean?

A cursory look at the syllabus and previous years’ question papers would make things clear for you.

The level of difficulty for questions asked, areas from the syllabus that dominate the question papers and current trends reveal the examiners’ expectations.

A bookish approach and being confined to similar resource everyone is using doesn’t suffice the purpose. In recent years, many a toppers have labeled it as ‘Bookless Examination’.

You have to look a particular topic from different angles, besides being familiar with the topic, find out relevance of the theme in contemporary set-up and capability to put together views and opinion helps in tackling question effectively.

Again, with practice and being exposed to the quality testing and evaluation, you start identifying the core of the question and understand difficulty as well as intricacy it demands.

In Preliminary Examination, having regular exercise will give you proficiency to answer question with speed and accuracy.

And when it comes to Main Examination, such practice enables you in attempting questions in examination hall efficiently; write succinct and precise answers. 

You have enough time in hand to plan and alter your preparation-plans so that you habitually evaluate what you read that in turn helps in uplifting preparation level.

‘All the best !’.

Last Update Sunday 9th December 2018     

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