Civil Services Examination: What to do when scene on the whole doesn’t seem manageable?

Preparation for Civil Services Examination is vast and demanding and it is quite normal if sometime you feel that scene on the whole doesn’t seem manageable.

The entry of talented and candidates with higher, professional degree may intimidate you and can result in some doubts and uncertainty about success.

But, it do not suggest you should be afraid of something that is conquered by many youngsters like you every year.

You have to show courage and indulge in earnest preparation that meets the examiners’ expectations.

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If Civil Services Examination seems difficult in the beginning, it is not a major issue.

You are not alone; at the onset almost everyone is; be it a fresh candidate or consistent campaigner, everyone is sailing in the same boat.  

Launching the preparation is one of the most difficult steps as you are unsure of the path you have to traverse.

Once you show courage to appear in Civil Services Examination, you must have focus on the end result; and will have to commit yourself till the goal is achieved.

Self-assessment helps you in identifying your strength and weaknesses and the best way to start is with constituents that are of from the sphere of subjects you were exposed to and are of your interest.

You need motivation to read and re-read what you have studied earlier and will have to lay a solid foundation so that as you move ahead, you can build up on the basics and take your preparation to the desired level.

Soon, you will have to touch areas that are new to you, make earnest efforts to ensure you are able to grasp the information and update your knowledge.

Beginning can be bumpy; but, once you get rhythm, it would feel like a mission and journey would start looking interesting.

Don’t panic; plan your things in such a way that you get enough time for preparation and don’t feel burden or over-stress.

Every aspirant encounter such feelings during preparation; but, your determination, focus and eye on your final target reminds you about what is expected of you.

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