Civil Services Examination: Fortune Favours the Brave

Before entering any competition, you need to prepare effectively. When it is about Civil Services Examination, you need to be clear about requirements at each stage of the examination.

The unpredictable nature of Civil Services Examination sometimes gives a feel that ‘Luck’ plays a major role in success.

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Life is such where stroke of luck influence your prospect and same can be attributed to all life-changing events and decision of appearing in Civil Services Examination is one such battle that will shape your future.

Civil Services Examination; a gruelling competition requires a well-planned strategy and being clear about your strengths and weaknesses helps in prioritizing the needs.

Success in Civil Services Examination is not a child’s play. You have to display courage and commitment in addition to the calibre that reveals your mettle.

Civil Services Examination preparation is where you execute what you have to do by putting things in order; you never know what is destined for you and no one can forecast the outcome.

As there is lot of subjectivity involved in Civil Services Examination; one can say ‘Luck’ does play a role.

But, I feel if it is so, Luck has only a little role to play.

You will come across moments when you will feel the stroke of luck working in favour or against; but, if you are well prepared and understand the intricacies involved, you will be able to overcome even odd situations and will make your endeavour meaningful.

Civil Services Examination is a multi-stage exam-plan with an evaluation process that requires knowledge as well as unique set of skills and traits at each level.

Then, it encompass host of subjects from diverse disciplines to make it sure that only those candidates gets selected who possess aptitude for the posts in question.

Be clear this is not an examination where pure ‘luck’ can be the determinant for success.

So, what you need?
For fresh candidates who are beginning preparation for Civil services Examination; till now what you imagine about your future, your career; is a vision and ambition only.

Having a broad view about the level of examination, your approach will have to be in sync with your strengths and weaknesses.

You need to have a holistic approach and a strategy of your own so that you can implement what you planned.
It is a journey you have to enjoy and if you are able to accomplish the goal you have kept for yourself, you are going to cherish this phase of your life.

All you need is focus and hard work in the right direction.

It is only your performance that will enhance the possibilities to realize your imaginings.

Fortune favours the brave and as life demands, make effective strategies that help you in accomplishing the task in hand.

Maintain consistency in preparation and put in intense hard work so that finally ‘Luck’ gets a chance to play a role in your success.

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