Enrich the Preparation Level to Encounter Civil Services Examination Fearlessly

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, a candidate’s ability to predict his performance, chances of success and achieving desired success in Civil Services Examination is easier said than done.

With so much of creativity and innovative approach that UPSC is adopting, in majority of candidates’ views, it has become little unpredictable and all your choices, steps you take during preparation process and your performance in the examination can make or break your dreams.

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The real treasure lies in the approach and your mindset.

First, you understand that it is your mental set-up that will help you the most in handling Civil Services Examination preparation.

Positive approach and believe in self help you in preparation as well as in your performance.

Pursue it with determination and enthusiasm that gives you courage to face the big challenges coming your way.

To enrich your preparation, cover the syllabus effectively; don’t be selective.

Besides, previous years' Question Papers help you in spotting trends and understanding examiners’ mindset. You can make use of these to make a guess about important areas and topics from which questions are being asked repeatedly. Accordingly, you can prioritize your study-plan.

Trust your instinct and smartly move ahead with your plan based on these observations.

A cursory look at recent question papers would reveal that certain distinct trends have been emerging in the examination where examiners’ expectations are much above the routine as some evolving issues, contemporary problems and inter related issues with topics are probed that too with a little twist.

UPSC’s focus is on your analytical thinking and a problem solving skill that is why, be it Preliminary Examination or Mains, most of the questions are designed in such a way that candidates find it difficult to comprehend.

When you realize that there exist gaps between the examiner’s expectation and your preparation, make efforts to bridge the gap.

So, how the gap gets narrowed?

  • Do not overlook the basics.
  • Study for Civil Services Examination requires conceptual clarity.
  • Learn and revise effectively.
  • Do not study just to memorize, but understand the topic and learn.
  • Based on previous year’s trends, explore and evaluate what are the evolving issues apart from the syllabus on which questions are being asked.

Sticking to the syllabus, you make sure that things are almost covered and you are ready to face even some surprising element in question papers.

Being proactive, to face some unusual, unexpected questions, you should devote little time to delve deeper that gives you a feel that the level of preparation is good.

Keep expanding your knowledge in related fields and areas that matters.

It is prudent to start preparation with basic books so that concepts get clear and you are able to comprehend the questions effectively in the examination.

As you advance, the solid foundation will help you in absorbing the newer information effectively and clarity would emerge – be it applications or may be interrelationship within and across disciplines.

Moreover, to uplift your level, you need to go a step ahead to prepare for the latest developments, contemporary events and issues.

The syllabus is so vast and wide that you need to read a lot, observe your surroundings and awareness built over a long period would come into play. You need a sharp recall and power to relate things that you recognize or have some acquaintance and are able to comprehend.

Whatever you read is part of your preparation-plan; it is all about clarity that comes with repeated readings. So, revision is must and will help you a lot while attempting questions in the examination hall.

And, the last and the most important thing is practice.

Last Update Monday 10th December 2018     

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