Emerging new face of the Civil Services Examination

With some radical changes hitting Civil Services Examination, the impact of these reforms is noticeably visible.

The quality of candidates being selected is a clear indication that lot of professionally qualified, skilled youngsters with higher degree are getting attracted towards ‘Civil Services’ and making their presence felt.

Candidates are facing a completely new paradigm and the traditional factors impacting the success are no more in focus and many candidates have started believing that probably ‘luck’ is the biggest factor that plays a vital role in selection.


As UPSC has gone in inventive mode, many candidates have started believing that ‘luck’ is the biggest factor that plays a vital role in selection as in last few years we have seen some erratic trends the Civil Services Examination results have shown.

If I consider the events in last decade (2008 to 2018); you will notice that gradually, the fabric of the exam has transformed radically.

First, the weakening share of General Studies in Main Examination that had gone unnoticed from 2008 that lasted till pattern changed in 2013.

It witnessed some extra-ordinary tilt in CSE 2011 result that showed remarkable performance with some optional subjects in Main Examination. The CSE 2012 results showed growing role of interview in success as the written mark saw a little decline.

In between, Preliminary Examination 2011 completely changed the completion and we saw dwindling fortunes of Hindi/vernacular medium candidates.

Then, came the dramatic shift in CSE 2013; with new pattern Main Examination that saw dramatic force in the domain of General Studies. It gave a feel that Candidates’ entire focus has shifted to General Studies and optional subject took back seat.

With cut-off dropping, folks presumed that talent and skill have taken a backseat and ‘Luck’ has emerged as the single most influential factor that could help one succeed in Civil Services Examination.

Defying such school of thoughts, things improved gradually; candidates gained confidence in the new pattern and understood the significance of complete exam-plan and significance of optional subject is being felt again.

With CSE 2017 results, candidates have improved General Studies scores considerably, help from Optional Subject is also chipping in.

Meanwhile, Essay and Personality Test (Interview) continues to show their impact in final results and have emerged as game-changers.

It is all about your approach and mindset
Whatever people say; actually, it is the unpredictable nature of this examination that keeps candidates on toes.

Above all, inconsistent factor that contribute in success of candidates makes it difficult to decipher the secret of success in the Civil Services Examination.

There may have been some aberrations that have come on fore; but, as the examination-process settles down, it is successful in attracting top brains and is end up in recruiting the candidates with correct aptitude.

Moreover, it is an open competitive examination and successful candidates emerge from the gamut of candidates participating in the examination process and performing superior in comparison to the others failing to find place in the merit-list.

It is still challenging and proving the matching qualities candidates posses
It is difficult to map the cause whether the recent modifications in the format have impacted or the creative and innovative approach UPSC has adopted has contributed in the changing complexion; but, one thing is sure that capable, committed candidates who understand the intricacies involved are able to make their presence felt.

As a matter of fact, a lot of professionally qualified youngsters have sensed big opportunity here and have achieved big successes. Due to their increasing interest, the level of competition has gone up and that is getting reflected in final results.

Road ahead!
As the things evolved, Civil Services Examination has become more dynamic and focus is on finding the suitable candidates for the top posts.

The changes and an altered approach the UPSC has shown has just transformed the whole set-up that has made all long established preparation related ideas and concepts completely out of flavour.

It is time to face the realities and create new strategies to counter the emerging requirements.

The best thing that I observed over years, candidates are getting mature and understand the UPSC’s intent; thus, have started taking complete Exam-Plan seriously.

So, have faith in your abilities, show courage and keep preparing to convert your dreams into reality.



Last Update Thursday 25th April 2019     

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