Success in Civil Services Exam: The creative and innovative approach by UPSC requires you to think creatively

UPSC has spelled out the Exam-Plan for Civil Services Examination that illustrates things stage-wise and accordingly, syllabus is defined separately for Preliminary and Main Examination.

Methods of evaluation at each stage are different and candidates have to look out for strategies that put them on road to success. 

You have to find solutions to cover the complete syllabus effectively.

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In the beginning, self-assessment helps you in analyzing things and accordingly prioritizing these as per your needs.

Among the initial activities what matters the most is how effectively you are able to figure out the preferences as well as main concerns and accordingly, align these with our objective.

Such approach will help you in identifying things that contribute most significantly in meeting our goal. As a result, you will really enjoy the journey and it would be easier for you to handle the preparation and make it meaningful.

Fresh candidates find it difficult to find ways to cover vast syllabus and in first look things look big and difficult to manage.

As has been observed, fresh candidates obsessed with target, first concentrate energies on Preliminary Examination and commence preparation.IAS Creative Innovative

Such strategy may work facing Prelims; but, what when you have a major task in hand to cover Main Examination syllabus within a short span of time between Prelims and Mains.

As a matter of fact you need to think creatively, and instead of looking it stage-wise, understand the complete exam-plan and choose a preparation-plan that effectively covers the major syllabus and things become clear and manageable in shorter period of time.

Make a smart choice by adopting ‘Integrated Approach’ and commence Main Examination oriented preparation picking common constituents listed in General Studies Preliminary as well as Main Examination syllabus.

Formulate a strategy to have a well defined preparation-plan with monthly, weekly and even daily targets to cover the syllabus productively.

When you have set priorities and a to-do list with you, you just need to maintain consistency and move on the path you have laid for yourself.

Agreed UPSC’s stance for Prelims and Mains is different; but, while preparing if you are making concepts clear and with knowledge build on strong fundamentals help you in attempting all sorts of question that may be asked in the examination.

It is a difficult examination and this had made it exclusive

The only thing you will require is little bit of practice just few weeks before the examination. For Prelims, answering objective-type question with help of mock-tests will make you proficient in attempting questions with speed and accuracy.

While for Main Examination, answer-writing practice helps in having a shot addressing question’s demand and in managing time in examination hall.

All you need is a mix of intelligence and intuitions to spot the trends and with focus and hard work you can achieve desired success.

All the best!


Last Update Friday 27th March 2020     

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