IAS Exam: Different Folks, Diverse Background; Choose your own style of preparation

Civil Services Examination - a big examination and a gamut of talented and aspiring youngsters getting fascinated with its charm.

Be it a fresher or even a consistent campaigner, each aspirant is eager to reach the desired destination as early as possible and to succeed, everyone looks for strategies that powers one towards the goal.

All candidates are thrust into hopeful as well as despairing circumstances as the exam-plan is so beautifully designed that no one can say it is a cake walk for him or her.

It is all about planning, having a strategy of your own and prioritizing things as per your own requirements and putting in focused hard work.

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On one side there are talented youngsters with successful academic records, having earned respect among peers and family for their focus and hard work. 

When such candidates takes up Civil Services Examination as a challenge, people around are not surprised with their decision. Your brilliance in academics helps you in beginning at least to take the first step.

On other hand, a common graduate when swears about success in Civil Services Examination, people don’t accept their decision easily as they are still to earn their trust.

Such candidates enter this arena with hope for success and just have courage to appear in such a big competitive examination. They need to show commitment and take small steps to commence preparation and move on.

Interesting thing is that this examination is a big leveler

If you have caliber, show courage to appear in the examination and commit yourself; you have all that what it takes to be successful in Civil Services Examination.

When it comes to Civil Services Examination, things that reflect in the final result the most are - how you look at this examination and its requirements at each stage and ‘believe in yourself’.

Your preparation drifts in the direction you give it and solely depends upon the choices and decisions you make and how effectively you prepare keeping in mind the exam-standards and examiners’ expectations.

You have a big task in hand and have a vast syllabus to cover that needs your preparation efforts to sustain for a long period of time.

It is neither complex nor you need mastery

Civil Services Examination is all about knowledge and awareness and your ability to handle things in different situations and taking right decisions. In nut shell UPSC want you to push yourself to perform at your best.

Look at successful candidates and you will be able to relate with them easily.

You often have similar skills and spot many a things that helped them chart their success stories.

When they can, why can’t you?

All you need is a Preparation-Plan of your own

Often we witness youngsters with similar skills, traits and capabilities in quest to succeed in Civil Services Examination.

But, you come across only a few successes and a large number of candidates failing to make it to list despite sincere efforts.

We are exposed to similar books and study-material, seek guidance from coaching institutes akin or from equivalent standards; still, face diverse outcome.

This examination is all about you; it takes courage and nerve to appear in Civil Services Examination.

Don’t follow anyone blindly- have a strategy of your own. Self-Assessment helps you in identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Have confidence and believe in self

Irrespective of your background, many a time you face some hindrances erupting due to something or other.

As it is an open competition, along the way sometimes, you doubt yourself and such impediments slow down your preparation related activities.

These are common issues candidates face during preparation; but, with self confidence you can overcome such issues and once again come back to your regular study schedule.

Be clear, all chains and walls are in your mind only.

While for fresh candidates, enthusiasm is enough to guide towards success; for candidates availing next attempt, it is courage and endurance that works.

Keep preparing and enjoy the journey that takes you to your dream destination.

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