Explore if Civil Services Examination is the most suitable option among Career Choices Available

As hunt for career exploration begins, you have array of options available and from there, you shortlist some jobs as career options.

Before you commit yourself for Civil Services Examination, you need to do little research and accordingly set time deadlines and define outcome.

Besides, you need to look at what you wish to do with the rest of your life. It is all about satisfaction and accomplishment.

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As a beginner, when one thinks about the career choices, almost all career options available fascinates and finalizing Career Goal becomes little confusing.

Besides, diverse Career possibilities and current job trends also impact the choice finally educated and aspiring youth make.

Before you make opinion about a particular Career preference, you should look for range of careers that match up your skills and interest.

While putting together all your plans, a particular field that fascinates you to work and spend whole life can become your Career Goal.

If you don’t set Goals; you efforts will be without direction and it may take a long time before you really know the path you traverse will take you to the desired destination or not.

As the career idea gets crystallized, with curiosity and capacities, one attempts to translate career decisions into reality.

Should I think about ‘IAS’ as Career Goal?

Understanding and accomplishing your career goal will be a lot easier if you create a career plan.

Commonly speaking, dreaming of a career in ‘Civil services’ mesmerize majority of them and the lure of post of Indian Administrative Services (IAS) really captivates the mind-space.

Rather than limiting your future, tryst with Civil Services Examination may help you discover career possibilities that you wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

Once you have preferred ‘Civil Services’ as career goal, you need to think strategically about the steps to accomplish your goal.

Think twice before you decide

In today’s world, many youngsters with pre-set notions, just chase their dreams and in doing so, they don’t realize their capabilities, their aptitude; they only experiment with the life and if they fail, coolly attempt something new.

Before you commence preparation for Civil Services Examination or any examination, you need to ask a few questions to yourself so that you are able to ascertain matching skills, traits and your seriousness towards the goal you have set.

    • Is it your planned choice?
    • Is it because of family pressure?
    • Is dream of power and prestige reason for this fascination?
    • Or, is it self-image of being knowledgeable that has prompted you to look at it?
    • Or else, just want to show your friends, and people around that you are pursuing preparation for ‘Civil Services Examination’?

As a matter of fact, success in Civil Services Examination is all about 3C - Courage, Capability and Commitment and these factors really influence the final outcome.

Attitude plays a vital role

While moving along the path that you have embarked on, it is your attitude that would chart the outcome.

In case of ‘Civil Services’, it has gained more significance as in recent years some concentrated efforts have been made to choose most suitable candidates with matching traits for the top jobs.

Having a pragmatic approach you have to strategize your foray in to Civil Services Examination as you are to face a stiff competition.

You need to have a competitive edge over others as it is your relative performance that delivers in the end.

It is said that a focused, emotionally strong candidate is not a person always in good situation; rather, it is a person that has good attitude in every situation.

Once you become serious about Civil Services Examination, you have to indulge in serious preparation, have to set the bar that matches exam standards and have to remain motivated all through the journey.

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