Dream to Achieve Success in Civil Services Examination

Fresh candidates view things in isolation and commence preparation with whatever little clarity they have about Civil Services Examination.

For most of the candidates availing next attempt, desired success is elusive and search continues to find suitable strategies that could help them succeed. 

Some candidates hit the bull’s eye in first attempt and for many after consuming all attempts available, it remains a mystery.

So, be it fresh candidate or candidates availing next attempt, the best strategy is to understand the complete exam-related requirements and accordingly prepare effectively for putting-up a decent show.

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The youngsters dreaming to be in Civil Services are always curious to know what works here that helps candidates succeed in this examination.

But, before you start exploring career in Civil Services or any other suitable career for you, the first step is to assess yourself based on your skills, abilities and interests.

Many a time, aspirants lack awareness about making the right career choice and when they zero-in on any particular career they are surrounded by some stereotyped ideas about that.

Gone are the days when youth had very little; or say had practically no access to career related information. But, in recent years lot of awareness has been generated and as an aspirant, you should take advantage of such efforts.Dream to Achieve Success

Well, today scene is completely different, the information is in plenty; all you need is to equip yourself with career related information and can decide what suits you better.

It is really a big decision
So, career in ‘Civil Services’ is the goal you have set for yourself; it is a big decision and first, you have to prepare mentally to face this fierce battle.

Be ready for some intense competition and only the focused, hard-working and committed youngsters have the best opportunity to show their talent here.

Civil Services Examination, the rigorous examination across the world as it is known, is moving towards more specific to take care of the changing trends in the society as well as the economy.

The changes introduced at Preliminary as well as at Main Examination level aims to test the suitability of the aspirants for the posts in question. More than evaluating candidates for problem solving, analytical, logical reasoning, decision-making skills, presentation and their views and opinion; now, the search is on for finding the most suitable candidates.

The aim here is not to evaluate the mastery of individual subjects; it is about their ability to connect the dots.

Candidate’s capability in outlining the issues, discovering the pattern, trends and identifying the root cause of the problems put in front of them is being under observation.

Examiners want to spot how you apply your accumulated knowledge both within and across the topic/subject and your ability to develop the concepts, the clarity of views and informed decision making from complex thinking.

It is all about Knowledge and Awareness

It is all about learning and in process, you gain so much of knowledge and build awareness that helps you sail though.

I have met many candidates who consumed all their attempts in Civil Services Examination but could not get the opportunity to enter Civil Services. But, they accept the value of the life experience and acknowledge consistent preparation has taught the life skills and brought the changes in their learning is really amazing.

No doubt the final decision to take the ‘Civil Services Examination’ in itself is a bold step by any candidate. So, no harm in reaching out to the trusted people in different walks of life, your teachers, seniors and successful candidates and try to match the requirements with your traits before making any conclusion.

This will certainly help you in assessing your capabilities as well as your limitations which will tell you how much and how far you have to travel to reach the final destination.

So, as and when you feel you are ready to take plunge, commence preparation with an aim to convert your dream into reality.

All the best!

Last Update Saturday 28th March 2020     

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