Should one go for General Studies study-material from Coaching Institutes?

Many aspirants who don’t join coaching institutes regular classes due to several reasons, think of buying correspondence courses from coaching institutes of repute thinking that the quality of material is trusted and would be helpful in an effective preparation.

But, the fact is that you buy the study-material at least one-year before the examination so that you can prepare; but, by the time you face examination, most of the information covered is stale.

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It has been observed that Coaching institutes attempt to cover all relevant stuff that is important from examination view point.

Yes, the static information, traditional portion of the syllabus can be covered with these provided it is from trusted source and if you make some efforts to understand the information flow.  

But, the similar problem occurs in front of them as publishers face and it is not practically possible to make a compact study-material that can do justice with all the constituents list in General Studies syllabus.

Actually, the problem is that these institutes have to cater to wide range of students from different educational background and dissimilar capabilities. As a result, the study-material is not too basic and besides it is not too substantial and most of the coaching institutes of repute discuss the subject nitty-gritties, interrelation among diverse topics and across disciplines only in classroom discussions.

Moreover, when you will buy the study-material, it would be at least one-year before the examination so that you can prepare; but, by the time you have to face examination, most of the information covered is stale and to update the material, again you will have to search the authentic source and will have to relate it with the material you have.

So, whichever study-material you pick, you will have to make efforts to uplift your preparation and make your preparation apt to meet current requirements.

That is why; it is recommended that you should pick up standard text-books for preparation and role of NCERT Books, Newspaper reading and effective use of internet as resource cannot be undermined.

These may take a little longer time to prepare but, to face this tricky examination you have to make yourself resilient to face any kind of impulsive variations and twists UPSC brings in front of you.

So, take a thoughtful step and choose your study-material wisely that helps you in moving towards your dream destination.

Last Update Friday 5th October 2018     

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