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UPSC Civil Services (Main) Exam 2018 is underway. By now, you have faced Essay and General Studies papers bravely.

This weekend, your language papers and Optional Subject papers are scheduled.

Best wishes and a piece of advice from Rajanvir Singh Kapur IAS for remaining papers for a wonderful execution.

Hello friends!

What you have done so far becomes immaterial now. How your previous exams were, do not matter. In fact your morning exam should not impact your evening exam the same day. This is exam temperament.

The Optionals Exam is in a few days. What matters most now is the way you revise, & live the next few days. So, this makes this a very crucial phase for you.

Some reminders from your brother:

1) Revise & revise. Anything not revised is as good as not studied only. Just revise!

2) Please do not let any extreme emotions enter your system. Be happy & calm.

3) Do not panic at all. You are very close to your destination.

4) Do not start any new book/ material now. This is time to consolidate what is already read.

5) Please do not, do not talk to any toxic people at this stage. Any negativity can bog you down.

6) If it helps you, pray for 10 minutes each day. You will feel stronger.

7) If you feel you are forgetting it all, do not worry. God will do everything. Just revise & revise.

8) Please keep yourself active in daytime as your exam is in day. You should not feel sleepy in exams.

Rajanvir Singh Kapur IAS

9) Although it may sound funny, please check your stationery box. The pens must be blot free, suited to your hand (you should write something). Don't buy a new pen and inaugrate in the Exam Hall. These small things can make a huge difference.

10) Make sure your admit cards etc are in place.

11) If you feel low, please talk to your Mom/ Family. Mothers are the best to elevate your mood, exceptions do exist!

12) If your room is dirty, please spend 30 minutes to clean it now, today! The positive energy you get for next few days will be worth the effort. Trust me!

13) Follow your gut now, leave anything you feel is less important & focus on more important issues. Your mind will guide you.

14) Please take care of your health. One mosquito bite can disable from writing the exam. Watch what you eat, eat well n healthy, lots of water, some yoga, at least 10 minutes walk, cleanliness & be careful. You will perform better if you are healthy.

Hope you try to delve into these issues properly. All the best friends!

May God bless you.

Regards & Love

Rajanvir Singh Kapur IAS

(Head, Civil Service Study Center, Govt. of West Bengal)

Views expressed are personal.


Last Update Thursday 4th October 2018     

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