Focus is on Civil Services Examination 2019 now

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2019 will be staged on 2nd June 2019.

For serious candidates, preparation starts approximately one year before the examination as one needs to take care of requirements at different stages of this examination.

You need to have a holistic view about the exam and integrated approach with Main Examination oriented study-plan really helps in handling the work-load effectively.


 The Preliminary Examination 2019 is scheduled for June 2 2019 and those aiming at CSE 2019 would be indulged in serious preparation.

You need to have a holistic view about the exam and integrated approach with Main Examination oriented study-plan really helps in handling the work-load effectively.

The General Studies preparation attracts the attention the most and it really deserves due consideration. The 4 papers of General studies you to read a lot as it involves a diverse set of subjects to tackle and mare reading is not enough.

It is all about strengthening the basics, keeping a balance between traditional part and dynamic elements and conceptual clarity that helps in facing the unpredictability that this examination throws.

Your preparedness, recall, depth of understanding and ability to analyse the issue evaluate your intellectual traits.

When it comes to optional subject, your choice matters a lot. Candidates pick up ‘One’ optional subject with rational thinks and considering lot of factors. It is strategic and significance of optional marks is more and its effect is visible in your end result.

In my earlier articles I have talked about marks secured by some of the toppers in CSE 2017 and how high scores have helped many to get the desired success.

Now, your aim should be besides, General studies preparation, optional subject also be taken up simultaneously and aim to complete it by December end. This will reduce the pressure in following month when you need to look at Preliminary Examination requirements seriously.

With effective preparation for optional subject during this period, you will get enough time to improve, cover dynamic portions and after Prelims, in revision and answer-writing practice.

Essay is really a game-changer and effort-rewards ration is quite high. As such, it doesn’t require separate preparation as General Studies and some pertinent optional subjects give you some much of information that is enough to produce a wonderful work.

Essay requires a lot of practice and your writing skills comes into play. You can look at Essay topics asked in previous years to get an idea and accordingly, can select a few topics as per your understanding and write one or two essays on weekly basis.

This practice will make your writing effective and gradually, you will attain a level where you can do justice with the topics you get in the examination.

The effects of good Essay writing skills would also reflect in your General Studies and optional subject papers.

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