Always be honest with yourself, it do wonders to your life; says Manoranjan Behera (CSE 2017 Achiever)

Manoranjan Behera, B.Tech. (Electronics & Instrumentations) from NIT, Raurkela has been making attempt consistently and finally, achieved success with Civil Services Examination 2017.

It was his fifth attempt and he had chosen Sociology as Optional Subject.


The common issue that surrounds the mind of youngsters in college is what after completing graduation. When like all, I started to ponder what I will do after graduation; the thought about making career in ‘Civil Services’ came to mind during my 7th semester of the college.

With many options open, it was one that I considered seriously as I never had inclination towards pursuing MBA that is prerequisite for getting job these days.

“So, in a way ‘Civil Services’ was an easy choice and I started contemplating it seriously”, admits Manoranjan Behera (AIR 826; CSE 2017). My initial aim was for Indian Foreign Service; but, with the time spent in this preparation, I started to realize most of the services will full fill my need, which I want from a career in Civil Service.

The most important, having clarity about the purpose was enough to motivate; having a positive mindset and an ultra supportive father made things manageable.

Putting in the picture role of family Manoranjan said, “My family is my champion; truly, they really helped me reach where I am today. If I am talking about my success story, it is only their influence that worked. Mine had been a journey that had lots of hiccups and in those moments, my family was there to motivate me.

My father an awesome person and deserves every bit of my success. He encouraged me to resign from job and concentrate on preparation seriously. My mother is a housewife and is our lifeline. Each of my unsuccessful attempts made my mother sad; to see happiness on her face, every time I got strength to prepare again and ultimately could achieve it with Civil Services Examination 2017.Manoranjan-Behera-topper-upsc-cse-2017-sociology

I am really thankful to the almighty for blessing me with such parents in my life. Their contributions cannot be quantified at all. I would like give special thanks to my maternal Uncle and Aunt for supporting me at the time distress and my cousin Partha Sarthi for motivating me all the time. I have no brother or sister; but, Partha has filled that void for me and motivated me all the time.

When I started my preparation, there were not many who could have given me the right advice as I started from my than home in Berhampur, where it is very difficult to find any serious aspirants for this examination. So, initially most of my initial guidance came from various websites only. That said, in later years I got good suggestions from my IFS friend, my optional coaching teacher (Mohapatra Sir of Vajiram & Ravi), along with my NIT friends who were also preparing at that time.

While talking about advice I can never miss my father’s name, though his suggestions were not regarding the examinations; but, the suggestions he gave me regarding how to approach anything tough kept on motivating me all the time.

After graduation straight way I was preparing for Civil Services Examination and took my first attempt in CSE 2013. One after another, it was series of unfavorable outcomes that was enough to break me. In between, I joined SIDBI as Assistant Manager and after working for almost 18 months, on my father’s advice, I left job and dedicated fully towards my preparation.

My approach was wrong in my previous attempts, which lead to my continuous failures. However, valuable advice from my friend Chandrakanta Rathore (IFS, CSE 2015) helped me find the rhythm and finally, this time I found my name in the merit-list.

The most important factor was me doing really well in my optional and that happened because I realized that rather than trying to learn a lot I need to focus on scoring marks, hence my approach changed , I did a lot of answer writing in my optional which resulted into good marks in optional and hence I got through.

Secret of Success: Surprisingly there is no secret at least in my case, there isn’t any. My success was based upon my focused preparation, positive mindset and confidence, strong support of my parents and a bit of luck. I think anyone can crack it given that he or she should trust him or herself. He or she should always be honest about his or hers own capability and most importantly one has to be street smart, know what’s required and do that only.

Credit for success: My parents - The Most wonderful people of my life, it is for them. My IFS friend Chandrakanta Rathore; thanks for inspiring me all the time and making me realize what I can do in life and my cousin Partha Sarathi, an awesome person, who kept on motivating me during my time in Delhi in 2017.

To motivate future aspirants Manranjan said, “Always be confident, it’s very important for Civil Services Examination preparation. You can have all the knowledge and skills but if you do not have any confidence you are going to fail, that’s the harsh reality of this exam.”

Also always give your 100%, never have any regrets in life, if you want to get it, give it all you have, and rest leave it to the almighty.

Always have the clarity in why you want to enter into the services.

Always be clear on your strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly and work accordingly.

Finally, I would like to say that this exam will get you a job only, though a very good one; but, still your parents, your family is worth more than any exam. So, try hard but that doesn’t mean that you should be completely giving up if you do not get through.

“The harsh reality is some will clear and majority will fail, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do well in your life. Trust me if you really want to do something good for our wonderful country you could do that through many ways, that said Civil Services gives you the best platform and one should give their 100% to achieve it. Remember it’s only a platform not an end itself.”

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