Those who couldn’t clear Prelims 2018 - Understand the nature of the examination and the level of competition it holds

It is really tough for candidates to accept setback after putting in so much of hard work and focused preparation. However, creative, intelligent and determined candidates understand the nature of this examination and the level of competition it holds.

After introspection, you must be back to your study-schedule and would have commenced preparation for next year.

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Q. Is it difficult?

A. Yes, it is. (Prelims 2018 was really tough)

Q. Is it unpredictable?

A. Yes, to certain extent. (It is common to all; you are no exception)

Q. Is it difficult to crack?

A. No. While candidates talk about Civil services Examination being unpredictable, many a candidates every year crack it with correct approach. All you need it single-minded focus to deliver some extraordinary results.

I know it is easy to say than done; a negative result really disappoints and frustrates; I can understand the feeling and what it takes to come out of such a gloomy situation and start the process again from scratch.

Once more, I was amongst candidates after Prelims 2018 was staged on 3rd June - to know about their performance; and even the day Prelims result came - to identify how it worked i.e. the outcome.

This time those who survived talked about the significance of Newspaper reading, additional efforts made in preparation in addition to regular books and study-material; educated guess and taking a calculated risk that helped them sail through.

But, most of the unsuccessful candidates’ common answer was limited awareness level and needless risk they took while attempting Preliminary Examination.

In my earlier articles also, I had mentioned such incident where unnecessary venture into risk territory casted its impact on result.

Why I am talking about it is to remind you that being well read is prerequisite; besides a few examination techniques are required while attempting such aptitude based timed tests and you need to be extra careful at each and every step you take.

Whatever happened this time, it should be a lesson for you. Before you commence preparation for next attempt, you should take this opportunity to analyze shortcomings that prevented you from crossing cut-off.

The real trouble was you did not prepare effectively?

Or, were you a little careless about the requirements?

Did you absorb the study material or just memorized it for sake of preparation?

Were you uneasy because you could not understand the theoretical or conceptual root for the questions?

You prepared too much but ignored traditional part & facts and figures?

Or was it related to ‘time management’ during examination?

Always remember such hindrance are not the end of the road.

I feel that armed with these means you can surely get ahead with preparation again for next attempt. 

Be careful next time

Creative, intelligent and determined candidates understand the nature of this examination and the level of competition it holds. Such candidates will be in far better shape to make their endeavor fruitful and lead a fulfilling life than someone who is complacent and unfocused.

I tell you I have seen many candidates completely broken with failure; still, those who are driven, disciplined, ambitious, and skillful manage to stage a comeback and achieve brilliant success.

As you begin preparation, it is time to make a plan and further develop some skills, understand examination techniques, tactics that help in your overall performance.

The way you prepare and its effectiveness will very well determine how well you perform and whether you will crack it or not.

Stay positive as much as possible and keep an optimistic spirit.

Wishing You Success!

Last Update Sunday 17th February 2019     

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