“It is never too late to think about Civil Services Examination and commence serious preparation” says Anukriti Sharma (AIR 355; CSE 2017)

Here is an amazing story of Anukriti Sharma for whom becoming Civil Servant was not a childhood dream; yet, she cracked Civil Services Examination with hard work and perseverance and unlocked a bright future in ‘Civil Services’.

For her, ‘Civil Services’ occurred as career possibility after marriage only. Still, she showed courage to prepare for it and demonstrated a remarkable strength of mind despite unsuccessful three attempts.

She achieved this brilliant success in her fourth attempt and securing 355th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

She picked up Geography as Optional Subject.


“It is never too late to think about Civil Services Examination and commence serious preparation.”

With these words, Anukriti Sharma (AIR 355; CSE 2017) conveys an important message to future aspirants.

Beginning this conversation Anukriti said, “Becoming a Civil Servant was not my childhood dream. Moreover, I was married when I first thought of writing Civil Services Examination.”

“My husband and I are together in this preparation. He has been a mentor who helped me attain more clarity on issues; a co-aspirant, whose peer review helped me improve my presentation; and a best friend who kept me motivated and lifted me during the most difficult phases of preparation. I owe a great deal of my success to him” she added.ANUKRITI-SHARMA-355th-rank-ias-topper-cse-2017

Anukriti’s potential surfaced first when she was awarded in state level group dance competition in 2005. Budding Anukriti kept on showing her talent and was awarded Graduation Gold Medal for all-round performance, BS-MS Gold Medal, INSPIRE AWARD.

Anukriti has done BSMS (Geological Sciences) from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata in 2012; willing to assume responsibilities, she founded dance club in IISER, Kolkata and organize documentary screening event ABHYUDAYA in IISER Science Fest.

Later, NET-JRF (Rank 23) Anukriti was offered Ph.D Scholarships from BROWN, PENNSTATE, UT AUSTIN and RICE Universities in USA.

Subsequently, she joined RICE University, Houston (USA) as Doctoral student.

Her hobbies are Rajasthani Folk Dancing and Table Tennis.Anukriti Sharma (AIR 355; CSE 2017)

Coming back to the point, Anukriti said, “My career choice was influenced by the way I think and feel; I always wanted to do something which can make people’s lives better, which can help address issues related to their day to day lives especially of the lowermost strata of society. My earlier career (I was pursuing PhD in USA in Geological Sciences) also allowed me to do so; but, not that directly. Hence decided to withdraw from there and make Civil Service career as my main aim.”

Citing the reasons for her success Anukriti said, “If I could do this it is just because of persistence, hard work, self-belief and a very supportive family.”

My immediate family includes my parents, my younger brother, my husband and my parents in laws.

My father, Deen Dayal Sharma has retired as Assistant Director, Planning Dept , Government of Rajasthan. My mother, Mother Sharma is a Government lecturer. My younger brother, Anuj Sharma would be appearing for CA finals in November-December 2018.ANUKRITI-SHARMA-355th-rank-ias-topper-cse-2017

My father-in-law, Dr V K Mishra is a professor in BHU and my mother-in-law, Charulata Mishra is also a Government lecturer.

All my values are a result of my parent’s upbringing. They inculcated in me the importance of hard work and discipline in life and instilled in me the feeling of giving back to the nation by doing best in whatever career I choose. They have always stood by me in all spheres of life and this dream would not have been a success without them.

My younger brother, Anuj has been an immense source of motivation. He kept me pumped up throughout the preparation (which was 4 long years) with his delightful talks and hundreds of motivational videos and massages which he had sent me on whatsapp and facebook.

My whole preparation was done at my in-laws house. I didn’t feel at any point that marriage has made things difficult for my preparation. Both of them and especially my mother –in-law did more than what is required to provide me a good atmosphere to study.

When it comes to strategy and preparation-plan, I completely relied on self-preparation for this exam and did not take any coaching at any point of time. For any advice on preparation, I used to follow topper’s talks, blogs or their guidance which is available in abundance on internet.

My journey has been a rollercoaster ride. In my first attempt in CSE 2014, I wrote Mains; but, could not clear it. In CSE 2015, I failed to crack even Preliminary Examination.

In my 3rd attempt in 2016, I reached the interview stage; according to me, it was my best attempt. But, I couldn’t make it to the final list.

There were issues in answer writing in my previous attempts. However, both content and presentation improved in consecutive attempts.

Finally, in CSE 2017 my 4th attempt, I made it to the final list. I feel for ensuring success, what is required is to look for and work on your shortcomings.

Although I have not got the top rank; yet, I can say that improving upon the presentation of answers in my opinion, contributed the most to my success in this attempt.

To motivate future aspirants Anukriti said, “Right guidance is a must for which I followed topper’s blogs.”

I did not take any coaching for Prelims, Optional or General Studies Mains preparation. I mainly relied on online sources, standard books and newspaper and did entire preparation from home. So, this exam can be cracked without any coaching and by relying only on self-preparation.

“And the last and most important is to not be disheartened by consecutive failures. No attempt is a perfect one; and there is always a scope for improvement.”

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