“Success in Civil Services Examination is a product of your Dreams and Perceptions”; says Suraj Patel (AIR 475; CSE 2017)

Suraj Patel , B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) from Moti Lal Nehru National institute of Technology, Allahabad, joined Pepsico India after completing graduation in 2013. After almost two years of service, he left job to seriously prepare for Civil Services Examination.

In all the three encounters, Suraj cracked Civil Services Examination and gradually improved ranking as well as post from IRS to IPs and now, with Civil Services Examination 2017 he is getting IAS.

He has chosen Anthropology as Optional Subject.

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Humble and down-to-earth Suraj Patel, coming from a rural backdrop, despite all adversities believes that success in Civil Services Examination is a product of your Dreams and Perceptions.

It is the values and moral fibre that reflect in his actions and when it comes to his accomplishments career in coveted ‘Indian Administrative Service’, he doesn’t boast about achievements rather he acknowledges it as grace of Hanuman ji.

NSTSE Scholar, Debater, Blogger; loves playing Chess and Boxing, having interest in Robotics and practice Meditation and Pranayam; Suraj is a multifaceted personality that helped him remain a consistent campaigner.

Beginning this conversation Suraj said, “It is all due to my faith in Hanuman Ji and blessings of my family. I belong to an agrarian family. My village Kuwankhera , near Kanpur dehat , has been my residence for the 10-12 years till class 5th.  This deep rural connect helps me in remaining humble, connected to ground.“Suraj-Patel-ias-topper-cse-2017-475th-rank-with family

Making acquaint with his family Suraj said, “My father is a farmer and mother is a primary teacher; they always kept education above all. They sacrificed all basic luxuries of life so that their kids can get good education.  Result is that along with my success, my younger brother is pursuing MBBS from Govt College; my younger sister is a banker at an American bank after passing from IIIT. My wife also supported me in this journey and kept my zeal maintained.”

Life could have moved at a brisk pace had I continued my career in corporate world, but, my interest was searching something else.

Disclosing his obsession for career in Civil Services suraj said, “I believed in ‘always follow your heart’ thinking. I looked at ‘Civil Services’ as a good and stable career that offers opportunity to serve society. Moreover, it puts forward opportunities for self enrichment in terms of knowledge and public exposure.”Suraj-Patel-ias-topper-cse-2017-475th-rank-with family

Imparting details about his journey suraj said, “When I commenced preparation, I got the right advice on preparation plan from my school mate Alok Yadav who became IAS in 2015.”

Our upbringing was such that since beginning, I was passionate about my goal and tried to fully justify all my decisions with hard work and full dedication.

Consistence in my preparation was one factor that helped me improve as in my first attempt, I secured 819th Rank and got selected in IRS and the next attempt fetched me 602nd Rank that got me post of IPS (UP Cadre).

In this attempt, I could visualize my success even before achieving it. I was completely focused on my goal as I was able to improve my performance year after year and I knew I just needed a little push.

Now, this third attempt, I am able to gain where all my efforts were directed; the post I aimed for ‘IAS’.

If I look at my efforts, I improved a lot my General Studies score and even support from optional subject also chipped in. Essay is also that gave me decent score in this attempt.

Secret of Success: Faith on almighty and trust on yourself.

To motivate future aspirants Suraj said, “Believe in what you are doing and clearly define your objective.”

I strongly believed in two quotes:

Never give up

Do, what is needed to be done

These few words say it all; I think I don’t need to elaborate much about these golden words.

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