“There is no substitute for consistency and hard work”; says Yashraj Nain (AIR 272; CSE 2017)

24 years old Yashraj Nain from Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan has secured 272nd rank in Civil Services Examination 2017 in his very first attempt.

Yashraj graduated (Economics and Political Science) from Hindu College, Delhi and did Masters in Politics with specialization in International studies from the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.

He had chosen Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) as his optional subject.


Yashraj Nain has cracked Civil Services Examination 2017 and has secured 272nd rank, in his first attempt.

His hobbies – Playing Flute and Chess; Learning Psephology. 

Merit scholarship recipient (for 2 years) at The Scindia School, Yashraj was also awarded Jeevajirao Medal for best class 12 all-rounder. He had been NCC cadet and member of The Scindia School Brass Band that led the NCC marching contingent at the Republic Day Parade on Rajpath in 2008, 2009 and 2011.

Yashraj has been the winner in inter-college Street Play competitions at IIT Kanpur (2012), Keshav Mahavidhyalya (2012) and Hindu College (2013).

While he cleared UGC NET Junior Research Fellowship – JRF in Political Science in 2017, his eyes were also set on making a career in Civil Services.yashraj-nain-ias-topper-cse-2017-upsc-272nd=rank

As one commences Civil Services Examination (CSE) preparation, first thing to learn is what works here and what doesn’t. This sounds simple; but, with so much information scattered around, often it becomes frustrating as a beginner simply doesn’t know what to do.

Candidly accepting the advantage Yashraj said, “Fortunately, the atmosphere at JNU is great with regard to CSE preparation. It has an excellent library, a very conducive environment, lots of fellow aspirants and tons of advice available from selected candidates that helps other aspirants realise their dreams.”

Acknowledging the support he got from seniors Yashraj said, “I had college seniors who got selected and they helped me a lot in navigating the exam-process. The guidance they provided proved invaluable. Thanks is due in large part to Deva Ram ji and Avneet Bhaiya.”

By practicing extreme focus, Yashraj accomplished his goal in his very first attempt. Talking of this feat he said, “At the risk of sounding clichéd, I must say that there is no substitute for consistency and hard work.”

In the course of my preparation, I was fortunate to benefit from Youtube videos and blogs posted by various previous years’ toppers. I believe the relevant CSE guidance by toppers highlighted on internet platforms bodes well for future aspirants.

Getting a Masters degree in a related field helped me immensely with my optional i.e. Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) preparation. It also contributed to my interest in psephology or studying election trends. I was lucky as PSIR could greatly help me in all three stages of the exam; Prelims, Mains as well as the Personality Test.

Focussed preparation in right direction with proper guidance can help minimise unpredictability to some degree. For this, one can also refer to online content.

Secret of Success: Attaining a balance in life can be the key. This will include consistency towards preparation but also some time for pursuing other interests to keep one motivated. Regular exercise and physical fitness are also very important as stressbusters.

Motivating the future aspirants Yashraj said, “Before taking the plunge, be clear what you are doing and how you will do it. A positive attitude and support system of family and friends will help.”


Last Update Monday 15th July 2019     

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