Experiment, make Mistakes, Analyse and make Improvements; says Sanjeev Kumar Maurya (AIR 89; CSE 2017)

Sanjeev Kumar Maurya, a consistent campaigner took four attempts to reach his destination and secured 89th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

He has chosen Public Administration as optional subject.

It was his fourth attempt; all the fourth times he wrote Mains and even reached interview stage thrice.


Sanjeev Kumar Maurya, B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) from IET, Lucknow touched the cord in his fourth attempt and has scripted a remarkable success in civil Services Examination 2017 by securing 89th Rank.

After completing graduation, Sanjeev turned his attention towards Civil Services Examination and commenced serious preparation.

Divulging the reason for choosing career in Civil Service Sanjeev said, “The Civil Service provides an ample amount of opportunity for a person to do something meaningful for its people and country on a larger scale due to its reach and impact. At the same time it offers decent career growth opportunities.”

In the beginning, my uncle Shri Vishwa Prakash provided me right advice for Civil Services Examination preparation. Besides, I took advantage of Internet also while preparing.

With information I gathered, toppers interviews helped me to device a proper strategy for preparation that helped me reach my goal.

Civil Services Examination 2017 was my fourth attempt, fourth Mains and third Interview.

In previous attempts, I committed mistakes on ignoring the answer writing practice, making consolidated notes, etc.

I scored poor marks in Essays and Interviews.

Also, I was very shy in approaching the teachers regarding my doubts. As a result, my answers used to be generic and too simple. This has been one of the causes for the delay in finding my name in the merit-list.

So, to get success, one should avoid committing such mistakes and should remain open to suggestions and always look for advice from trusted people.

With nothing much to write about final result in previous three attempts; my fourth attempt in CSE 2017 proved to be lucky and finally I got the desired success.sanjeev-kumar-maurya-ias-topper-89th-rank-cse-2017-family

Briefing about his family and their contribution Sanjeev said,My family has a rural background. Family belongs to Bhadohi District famous for carpet industry. My father Shri Om Prakash Maurya is a carpet designer and Mother Shrimati Vijay Laxmi is a housewife. The regular guidance and support provided by my uncle Shri Vishwa Prakash acted as a beacon light when I was going through phase of continuous failures.

My family played an invaluable role in my success. They held me during my failures and encouraged me to give always my best to the exam. I remember a quote’’ When everything starts falling down around you, it is the family which holds you up’’. It is the pack which helps you to survive through all the hardships. I am very fortunate and grateful to have such a wonderful family and friends.”

The factors that contributed the most in getting top ranks in this attempt were Overcoming failures, realizing the mistakes and rectifying them worked for my success. I am an average student who believes in learning. I followed the dictum “improvement and not perfection” is needed for this exam.

While giving credit for his success Sanjeev expressively said,“Forgive me, if I place my parents, brothers and sisters and uncle ahead of God in paying my gratitude to them for their contributions in my success.”

Secret of Success: Experiment, make mistakes, analyse and make improvements. Find the joy and purpose in preparation. If you want to reach the sunlit top of mountain, before that you have to pass through shady and dark valleys. Success is very far away but demise is just one step ahead. This exam is the psychological battle where your strengths and weakness fights. The one which triumph will determine what you will achieve.

To motivate future aspirants Sanjeev said, “Since it is a service where one dedicates oneself to public welfare, hence public wellbeing should be the main motivating factor for aspirants."

I would like to add that, "Yes there will be hardships and pain during the preparation phase; but, the fruit will be sweetest.”

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