“UPSC Civil Services Examination is very easy; we fail when we unnecessarily complicate it”; says Pranav Anant Kanitkar (AIR 166; CSE 2017)

Pranav Anant Kanitkar, Masters in Economics had taken major decision by switching his job to create new value in life by pursuing Civil services Examination preparation. As has been destined, he had to work really hard and wait a little longer to make his dream come true.

What change made the biggest difference in his success- a word of advice from earlier selected candidates and he tasted the sweetness of success in his fifth attempt.

He got 166th rank in CSE 2017 and has placed his trust in Literature of Hindi Language choosing it as optional subject.


One word ‘Success’ – makes all the difference and erases all the pains and worries that go into it due to negative outcomes at earlier occasions.

A long preparation journey and repeated efforts one after another; the only thing that keeps you going is ‘Hope’ and as people maintain, this examination has been generous to those who persevere.

These words sum up Pranav Anant Kanitkar’s endeavour that got him the desired success in Civil Services Examination 2017 and he secured 166th rank in his fifth attempt.

Pranav completed MA (Economics) from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune in 2009 and joined Genpact in Gurgaon. In 2012, he switched his career orientation towards teaching joined a college as assistant professor that is still continuing.

This was a calculative move as Pranav simultaneously commenced preparation for Civil Services Examination and took his first attempt with CSE 2013.

When people see you among successful candidates, they immediately change the perception; but, I visualize my success as a mix of attractiveness of the job in question and my capability as my strength.

Divulging the motive behind chasing his dream Pranav said, “Civil Services give an excellent opportunity to lead a wholesome life and the pride of being a part of policy implementation is very satisfying. I don’t remember when my dream became a mission for me and I am glad, I could make a place for me in coveted ‘Civil Services’.”

Putting in the picture factors that worked in his favour Pranav said, “The trust and support of family, constant encouragement by friends and social media which connected me to previous rankers who were kind enough to provide tailor made guidance made all the difference.”

Making acquaint with his family Pranav said, “My father is a retired General Manager and my mother is a lawyer. Brother is a banker and sister-in-law is a doctor. I had been a long wait and if I could remain optimistic it is just because of my families support. Nothing would have been possible without their motivation and emotional support.”

Putting in plain words Pranav said, “My foray in to Civil Services Examination started with Civil Services Examination 2013 and one after another, I faced negative outcomes.

Reason - Wrong approach and lack of luck.

It pays to be among good friends; their sincere advice works

I continued to struggle a lot in my initial attempts and failed. As a stroke of luck, in this attempt (CSE 2017), I was lucky to be connected with Akash Gupta (AIR 128; CSE 2016) and Utkarsh Gupta (AIR 78; CSE 2016) who helped me identify my mistakes in preparation.

The best thing that could happen to you is if someone is able to identify what’s wrong with you and how you can improve upon and perform as per examiner’s expectation.

Explicating the biggest change Pranav said, “Minimising source material, mental revision and memorization (it's not a bad thing, friends) worked for me”

Secret of Success: Perseverance and taking every failure as an opportunity to improve and never being sceptical about the Exam-Process.

Giving advice to future aspirants Pranav said, “UPSC Civil Services Examination is very easy. We fail when we unnecessarily complicate it.”

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