Focus on 3 Ds of Success - Determination, Discipline and Dedication; says Abhijeet Sinha (AIR 19; CSE 2017)

Abhijeet Sinha, an Electrical Engineer from IIT Kanpur has secured 19th Rank in Civil Services Examination 2017. It was his second attempt.

NTSC scholar; having Quizzing, Football (playing and watching) as hobbies and leisure activity such as meditation, Abhijeet always believed in handling things smartly.

When this attitude got prop up from genuine hard work, he accomplished the goal he had set for himself and found a place among top 20 in civil Services Examination 2017.

Abhijeet has chosen Economics as his Optional Subject.


With an aim to serve the country by living in India only, Abhijeet Sinha was dreaming about making career in coveted ‘Indian Administrative Service’.

Abhijeet drew inspiration from success of Govind Jaiswal (AIR 46; CSE 2006) who came from a very humble background; yet, he did wonders in this examination.

Responding to relevant and highly appropriate question why career in ‘Civil Services’ Abhijeet said, “My family background lies in some of the poorest districts of Bihar and Jharkhand, where the role of an IAS officer especially that of Collector, is almost unmatched in catering to the public and the poor. I myself was inspired by many such officers of our district.”

“On top of it, Civil Services provide a good career opportunity. Both these factors pulled me towards the Civil Services and UPSC Civil Services Examination.”

Since, I had not enrolled in any Classroom Coaching program, in the beginning, getting the right advice was of paramount importance to me. I took the help of many seniors, those preparing as well as those in Service (through social media), using magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan, would watch videos of toppers and from online websites.

Sharing ‘beginner’s mindset’, Abhijeet said, “I maintain preparation for Civil Services Examination is all about your thought process; the way you think about it is thousand times more relevant to your ability to handle it. You win the battle first in your mind.”Abhijeet-Sinha-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2017-19th-rank

“I picked up Economics as optional subject that was new to me, it has been one of the performing optional subjects in recent times and it was just matter of interest in the subject that propelled me towards it” he added.

"I took my first attempt immediately after I passed out of my college; it was quite challenging penetrating the syllabus effectively; still, I tried my best to cover it in the limited time I has at my disposal. What I lacked was exploring and evaluating evolving issues that matters a lot."

Cracking Prelims was morale booster and that casted its impact on my performance; the momentum continued and I cleared Main Examination also.

I reached the interview stage, but due to very poor marks in the optional subject, I couldn't make it to the final list.

In my first attempt, without realising that smart work has its limits; I relied more on my instincts. After all, cracking Prelims and even Main Examination in first attempt was enough to support my observations.

However, my passion and determination kept me going, especially after my failure in the previous attempt.

Candid in talks, Abhijeet disclosed, “In my second attempt this time Hard Work delivered the result. To be honest, this was the first time, when I worked really hard.”

Letting know the activities he assumed this time Abhijeet said, “From the first thing after waking up to my last point before sleeping, the only thing that mattered was how to do well. On top of it more, this time I was more syllabus oriented, focussed on the optional subject much more and integrated my notes in a better way.”

Showing gratitude and acknowledging role of family, Abhijeet said, “My parent’s blessings and my family support were the most important factors and I give full credits to my parents. I feel my selection in the Civil Services has been more because of their efforts rather than mine. They provided unconditional support, unwavering love, and endless motivation and did everything they possibly could. My parents are the biggest and the best gift I will ever have. I'll consider fortunate if I could become even a fraction as good as they are.Abhijeet-Sinha-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2017-19th-rank-with-family

My father works as a veterinary doctor in Jharkhand government, whereas my mother is a housewife. They have been the foundation, the pillar as well as the decoration of my success. No word will do justice to what they have done and withstood for me.

My brother graduated from IIT Kharagpur and is one year younger to me. Although junior, he has been like that big brother who would discipline me to study. He has always been more concerned about me, more than himself.  His love and support has been a big-big factor behind all small and big successes of my life

In Addition, my Nana, my Nani, my Uncle, Didi, Jija ji along with the whole family always stood behind me like a rock, always motivated me and without them I would not have reached this far

Secret of Success: According to me, 3 Ds of success determine success in all fields, not just CSE. They are Determination/Desire towards the goal that invokes Passion; Dedication to implement and execute the passion with full vigour; and Discipline to remain focussed and on the path to success.

To motivate future aspirants Abhijeet said, “I feel two quotes summarise the entire CSE preparation.

One, “Success is not final, Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

This reminds the importance of Patience and an attitude of not giving up.

Two, “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.”

It reminds of the importance of consistent Hard Work.

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