“I used internet to understand the nuances of this exam, its requirements and intricacies involved” says Sudhir Kumar (AIR 42; CSE 2017)

Sudhir Kumar, a simple science graduate from Delhi University took it up as challenge to crack Civil Services Examination and with full dedication, determination and focus achieved this brilliant success.

With self-prepared strategies Sudhir moved forward slowly but steadily and with his second attempt in civil Services Examination 2017 grabbed AIR 42.

Sudhir kept Sociology as optional subject.


To begin this conversation, Sudhir Kumar (AIR 42; CSE 2017) narrates a small incidence; in true words - a guiding force that ultimately led to such a splendid success in Civil Services Examination.

For anyone, assessing one’s potential is difficult; and predicting the future is even more complex ?

I will just narrate a small anecdote from my life.

While I was in college doing B.Sc.; one of my professors asked in class “What you want to do after B.Sc.?”

I replied “I will pursue UPSC Civil Services Exam.”

He was surprised by my confidence. He gave a sarcastic smile and said “Beta, there is cut throat competition in UPSC; among IITians, IIM pass outs, higher studies students, people with lots of job experiences. How will you, being just a BSC graduate crack it? You will lag behind.”

I replied “Sir, I promise I will give my best to clear it with less than 100 ranks and prove this is doable and break this wrong notion forever.” I took his blessings.

After result, I remembered my professor and had a broad smile on my face. Remembering that moment still gives me goose bumps.

“I won my internal battle.”

Versatile, you may term Sudhir Kumar; as he had been winner in essay and GK competitions, won college Football tournament, had been editor of school magazine and his areas of interest ranges from travelling, trekking and hill driving, reading biographies of sports persons, play lawn tennis, football, crazy about watching old Hindi movies and spirituality.

After completing B.Sc. (Physics Hons) from Kirori Mal College, university of Delhi Sudhir commenced Civil Services Examination preparation.

Recalling state of affairs when he commenced preparation Sudhir said, “In the beginning, I had no one around to guide me for this exam. I haven’t even ever talked to a selected candidate; so, I had to make my own path.

I used internet to understand the nuances of this exam, its requirements and intricacies involved.”

Career in Civil Services was a childhood dream for me, Sudhir admitted candidly. “I have always loved to be among people, understand them and solve their problems. This inquisitive nature made Civil Services most suitable career-choice and provides me platform to be a common man's officer. In matter of career, one should always go for internal satisfaction; because only that matters in the long run.”

My focus and concentration during the preparation phase was excellent. Therefore, I could manage everything with happiness. I love challenges as that brings out the best in me. It helped me to perform best under pressure in Civil Services examination and fight the internal battle.

I gave interview in first attempt. In UPSC, if you want to clear the exam early, please make your first attempt as best prepared attempt. I might have not cleared in my first attempt but I gave my heart and soul in the first attempt. It bore fruit in my second attempt. Remember that "it’s not the last strike of hammer that breaks the iron."Sudhir-kumar-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2017-42nd-rank

Briefing about family & their contribution Sudhir said, “We live in a joint family of 10 members. My father works in Delhi Police, mother is a housewife and I have two siblings too. I am youngest of us three. My family is my strength and my motivation to stay focussed, remaining cheerful throughout the journey.”

Mine was self-help study style; neither I take coaching for General Studies or Essay; nor any mock interview. I prepared exclusively from my home. So, family supported me relentlessly and they deserve all the credit.

Secret of Success: Confidence, unwavering focus on goal, passion and inner fire for the goal and role of my mother.

Giving full credit to his mother Sudhir said, “She deserves the biggest credit for my success. She supported me so relentlessly in my studies and today whatever little success I have achieved is all due to her. I did all my studies exclusively from home. She made sure that I get everything on time from food to waking me up daily to travelling to all exam centres with me. I worked hard with full dedication and she worked equally hard with me.”

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