“Keep your sources limited and focus on revision more”; says Mayank Verma (AIR 851; CSE 2017)

Mayank Verma, after completing B.E. (Instrumentation and control Engineering) from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2016 took his first attempt and achieved success in Civil Services Examination 2017.

Although he is still little away from his target – Post of ‘IAS’ this success will give him the boost he needs to crack it again with high ranks in next attempt.

His choice as Optional Subject - Political Science and International Relations


Mayank Verma’s hobbies are modern western dancing, speed-cubing, watching Biopic and listening Ghazals and his career choice – ‘Civil Services’

What a contrast; such people have vision, energy and focus to carry out activities that attract attention and they just need influence as development tool to bring out magical outcomes.

NTSC Scholar, NCC cadet Mayank always wanted to be a part of the Government and contribute towards the society and in nation building. Thus he chose a career in Civil Services as it gives him the opportunity to be an agent of change. 

Many a people probably compare the salary and quick growth prospects that some of the new-age careers offer; but, the opportunity to serve, benefits and social recognition that comes with ‘Civil Services’ is unparalleled.

Moreover, my (late) grandfather influenced my career exploration drive and he always encouraged me to pursue career in Civil Service. I was so much excited that immediately after completion of my degree; I filled the Preliminary Examination 2016 application form; but, refrained to appear as I knew my preparation is not up to the mark.

So, I completely devoted myself for this attempt and moved as per my plan. To get the right advice on preparation plan I followed videos and articles of seniors for guidance. After having some insights, I made my own strategy; improvised it and through ‘hit and trial’ method arrived at a winning combination.

The support of my family contributed the most in my success and what I am today is all because of them. 

“My father is in Government service and my mother is a homemaker. I have a younger sister who is pursuing bachelors in Mathematics. The contribution of my family has been immense in my journey. They trusted my abilities, always encouraged me to give my best and supported me whenever I failed.” mayank-verma-851st-rank-upsc-cse-topper-first-attempt

I had enough time to cover syllabus during one-year period I had for preparation. Self-assessment in the beginning helped me in prioritizing the study-plan as per needs and I also focused on time management having specific targets to be completed in stipulated time.

The factors that contributed the most in getting success in this attempt were spotting mistakes and rectifying them; interlinking between topics (in Main Exam), multiple revisions. And above all, my undivided and focussed attention towards the Goal worked wonders. 

Secret of Success - Civil Services Examination tests our patience and perseverance. Thus the key is to stay focussed however challenging times may come. This journey is all about highs and lows. Hence, one must keep the fire burning within until you reach your goal. 

This is such an examination that at Rank 851, you feel satisfied that you cracked it; you have reasons to celebrate. Still, desire remains unfulfilled.

Hence, you indulge in preparation once again with entirely new beginning.

But, another positive aspect is that now, you need not to look outside for motivation and inspiration; you have to just refocus on the goal and rework your strategies to ensure improved performance that helps you reach final destination.

To motivate future aspirants Mayank said, “Keep your sources limited and focus on revision more!

While revising, one can follow the 7, 15 and 30 days of revision cycle. This strategy worked well for me. Alternatively you can follow 3, 7 and 15 days too whichever suits you better.

For Prelims, solving more and more MCQs is beneficial. For Main Examination answer writing is very important.”

Last Update Sunday 16th September 2018     

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