“To deal with unpredictability, first thing is to accept it and prepare mentally for it”; says Vishal Mishra (AIR 49; CSE 2017)

Vishal Mishra (AIR 49; CSE 2017) discloses his success-plan and how small-small thing matters while preparing for Civil Services Examination.

He candidly talks about the situations most of the candidates face during preparation phase that lead to drop in efficiency and suggests some ways out to come out of such circumstances.

Optional Subject- Sociology

No. of Attempts- Three (3)


Vishal Mishra

(AIR 49; CSE 2017)

Medium (Language)

Language for Writing Examination: English

Language for Interview: English

Nature of Examination

About Civil Services Examination it is correctly said that this is most unpredictable exam.  To deal with unpredictability first thing is to accept it and prepare mentally for it.

The Goal is well defined and while attempting if you develop any fear, it actually impedes your chances of success. By chance if similar is your situation, be it Preliminary Examination or Main, more and more practice helps you in coming out of that slump.

Look out for right guidance to chart your course; work hard; but smartly.

All topics mentioned in syllabus one should try to prepare it and update it regularly with respect to current affairs.

Views about Preliminary Examination

Definitely, Preliminary Examination is the most challenging stage of the examination.

Some time marking a wrong bubble may lead to negative mark and that can cost heavily.

Role of Optional Subject

Optional subject plays an important role as different optional subjects are having difference in syllabus, level of difficulty.

Apart from this there is always significant difference between optional subjects available in Engineering and Humanities.

It is your own decision as you have to study and perform with the subject you show faith in.

One’s interest and background also have important role in selection of subject.

Therefore optional selection is important and it also plays important role in final selection.

Targeting General Studies

Each General Studies Paper is unique and we need different strategies for them.

As the four papers of General Studies have vast syllabus encompassing various subjects and topics from diverse disciplines, one needs to plan and prepare effectively for a decent show.

My approach towards each paper:

Paper One is quite static; but, it contains many subjects like Indian History, World History, Social issues etc.

So, one need to focus on all topics rather than focusing on few and going deeper.

Paper Two needs balance between static and current affairs.  Policies and Supreme Court judgements can be noted down separately.

Paper Three is quite vast and dynamic so preparing current affairs topic wise will help in revision and over all preparation.

Paper Four one need to focus on case studies for that it is important to have practiced well.

Essay Paper and Interview (Personality Test)

Essay and interview both are important. One cannot ignore any paper. 

In Essay I got 157 marks and my Interview fetched me 151 marks.

Evaluation of my efforts by UPSC

I could master an aggregate of 484 marks in General Studies that helped me figure in top 50 ranks.

Considering the performance in Civil Services Examination 2017, I got really good marks in Essay and average in Interview (Personality Test).

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