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Questions asked during Interview - Anupama Anjali (AIR 386; CSE 2017)

Anupama Anjali (AIR  386; CSE 2017)

I was interviewed by Mr. Arvind Saxena Board

Morning slot, third to enter, 35–40 mins.

Anupama Anjali

(AIR  386; CSE 2017)

Interview Board : Mr. Arvind Saxena


  • So your name is Anupama Anjali. It's quite Unusual, isn't it? (I told them Anjali is my middle name, after my grandmother. He nodded with a smile)
  • You have Co- founded an NGO. What did it work for?
  • What inspired you to start it?
  • Problems of primary education in India?
  • India recently hoisted flag on Wagah border. Your views? Was it done to send a message to Pak? (I said its a great initiative, a lot of people go there and will feel patriotic looking at it. No, not to send a message. A representation of people's love for their country. It's an emotional issue not a political one. )

Lady member:

  • The Recent Russia EU spy issue?
  • Actual reason behind it? (World's response to a more assertive Russia in Syria etc ) *A big nod from Saxena sir*
  • Indo Pak relations?
  • How long have you been Practicing Meditation?
  • What type of meditation do you practice?
  • Have you tried to teach meditation to the kids at your NGO ? (Yes, but they are very naughty and energetic, tough to make them calm down.)
  • Steps you took to improve curriculum in your NGO?

Member 3:

  • Do you think that NGOs exist as the state has failed to provide basic facilities? ( said no, all must contribute. Civil society plays a crucial role even in most advanced nations.)
  • Tata etc publish their social work, is that correct?
  • Why is divorce more common in love marriages? ( I said I am not sure but I feel it's due to stability of the family being the primary concern in case of arranged marriages. In love marriages there is more free will, therefore ending marriage is easy.) *could be the wrong answer*
  • Who wrote the national anthem?(Took time to recollect, till then he answered himself.)
  • How long is the national anthem? (Didnt know. Politely said so.)
  • So people sing it longer, should we punish them? (No, they sing it out of patriotism. As long as their intention is not to disrespect, should not be punished.)
  • Should we host flag in kashmir? Why do people oppose? (Took a balanced stand. Our portrayal of strength should be balanced with the sensitivities of people. So avoid if it could cause law and order problems. Other ways to depict patriotism are also there.)

Member 4:

  • Stated incidences like EVM tampering etc. I think EC is biased. Your views ?(Asked me repeatedly by interrupting again and again. Wanted me to accept it's biased. I kept on saying that historically EC played a monumental role and is a successful organisation however certain reforms can be brought in eg: more independence, expenditure charged on CFI etc. Categorically denied that it's biased every time)
  • What is office of profit? AAP issue?(Explained well, stating constitutional articles etc.)

Member 5:

  • So you are from Bhopal- tell us about Bhimbetika? Why should it be preserved?
  • Tell us about museum of man there.
  • Regularisation of colonies, is it good
  • Delhi master plans?
  • Any political gain from regularisation? (I said political gains are added advantage, main aim planned urbanisation)

(Listening to this Saxena sir laughed, all members followed. So seeing this, I also started laughing. Therefore Interview ended on a good note!)

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