Push yourselves against all the odds and fight till the end; only then you will understand what you are capable of; says Prateek Jain (AIR 86; CSE 2017)

With a focused approach Prateek Jain, B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) and M.Sc. (Biological Science) from BITS, Pillani, has managed to put his name in the merit-list and has secured 86th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

Prateek accomplished this goal in his second attempt. Although, he cracked Indian Forest Service (AIR 3; IFoS 2016) last year; but, his eyes were set on post of IAS only.

For Optional Subject he has shown faith in Mathematics.


Chances of success in Civil Services Examination are determined by how effectively you approach it. It is a big examination and one should not take its preparation carelessly.

Being aware of the steps he was taking Prateek Jain (AIR 86; CSE 2017) remained disciplined and honest with his work. Imagining the process of reaching his goal Prateek said, “I just managed to control myself properly. I have high regards for these services and I could not afford taking my preparation lightly.”

In Prateek’s opinion,Civil services provide a big platform to do something meaningful for the nation. Civil servants start working at the grassroots which is a great opportunity to truly understand the problems of the society. The power an officer holds can be effectively used to solve these issues. Right from the start of the career, the work is visible and highly impactful which makes it one of the most satisfying job profiles.Prateek-jain-ias-topper-cse-2017-86th-rank-upsc

Acknowledging great support from family Prateek said, “I am a single child and both my parents are employed in government departments. My father works in Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan and mother is in Factories and Boilers Department, Rajasthan."

"One thing that drove me the most was imagining my parents' happiness after the results. They stood with me throughout this process. Their belief in me and their prayers had a big role to play.”

When asked if one has to look for the right advice on preparation plan in the beginning; Prateek said, “I cannot pin-point any one such source. This examination is a very big process and plans keep changing quite often. I always kept my ears open, listened to many people, especially earlier toppers, and made my plans accordingly.

In my first attempt, I also wrote Indian Forest Service Examination (IFoS) along with Civil Service Examination. I got AIR-3 in IFoS 2016 and was expecting a good rank in CSE 2016 as well. But it was a big shock when I didn't find my name in the Final Result of CSE 2016.

I feel that even in my first attempt, my overall preparation was good but due to minor faults, I was not able to clear the Personality Test.

In this attempt, major contribution came from General Studies papers as these pushed my score up. I prepared very well for all the constituents and getting good scores in all General Studies papers was a great satisfaction. I had developed good command over my writing skills that were missing in my first attempt.

Secret of Success: Well planned strategy and constant hard workPrateek-jain-ias-topper-cse-2017-86th-rank-upsc

Credit for success: Certainly my parents, my friends Akshita, Rachit and Saurabh.There were many ups and downs in the last three years, and these people helped me in keeping my spirits high. Whenever I lost my energy, I used to call any one of them to get re-energized. All my preparation strategies and plans were made after discussing it with them. Without them, it would not have been possible.

To motivate future aspirants Prateek said, “A dialogue from DEADPOOL 2: Listen to the pain. It's both history teacher and fortune teller. Pain teaches us who we are. Sometimes it's so bad we feel like we're dying, but we can't really live until we die a little, can we?

Preparations for this examination sometimes get very painful; but, I always used to enjoy the pain. Handling myself in these tough situations has helped me know my inner strength.

My advice to other aspirants is to push themselves against all the odds and fight till the end. Only then you will understand what you are capable of.

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