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Questions asked during Interview - Shreyash Pratap Singh (AIR 266; CSE 2017)

Hi, I am Shreyash Pratap Singh. I was interviewed by Prof. Dr. P K Joshi Board.

It was on 28 Feb 2018 between 5 pm to 5.30 pm (Last candidate to go in for the day)

Shreyash Pratap Singh

(AIR 266; CSE 2017)

Interview Board: Prof. Dr. P K Joshi


Q. Why did you leave your job?

Q. Where did you come for preparation of civil services?

Q. What is the meaning of your name?

Q. What was your work profile at Intel (my previous company)?

Member 1 (Lady Member):

Q. Have you heard about ISIS? What is it?

Q. How is ISIS a threat to India?

Q. What can we do to prevent radicalization?

Q. Do you support death penalty?

Q. What kind of crimes should invite death penalty?

Q. Should rape invite death penalty? What should be the dividing line for a crime to be liable for a death penalty?

Member 2:

Q. What is ISA?

Q. How is ISA going to help India?

Q. What are the two sectors you would want to work upon?

Q. How will you improve education?

Q. How will you generate more employment?

Q. Which of the two export led growth model like China or domestic consumption based growth model is better for India?

Member 3:

Q. What are different export control regimes? India is part of which ones?

Q. What are its different mandates?

Q. How are they going to help India?

Q. What is the problem with India's entry to NSG?

Q. Tell me any one example which has helped India becoming member if these regimes?

Member 4:

Q. Difference B/w electrical and electronics (relating to my graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering)?

Q. What are solid state devices and its different applications?

Q. Who was the inventor of diode?

Q. India-China relations. What will you do if you are given all the powers to solve the boundary dispute in view of the Doklam standoff between the two countries?

Q. What kind of non-fiction books do you read (listed as one of my hobbies)?

Q. Do you believe biographies are non-fiction (as a counter to my answer to the previous question)?

Chairman: Thank you Shreyash, your interview is now over.

Last Update Sunday 23rd December 2018     

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