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Questions asked during Interview - Siddhant Jain (AIR 201; CSE 2017)

Hi, I am Siddhant Jain.

My Interview was on 6th March 2018 (AN)

I was second to go. 

It lasted for around 35 minutes and I scored 173/275.

It was cordial and no grilling took place.

Siddhant Jain

(AIR 201; CSE 2017)

Interview Board-Mrs Sujata Mehta ma’am


Chair Person

1. Tells us about yourself ?

2. What is gig economy ?

3. What is your job profile ?

4. When was the company (CarDekho) started and when did you join ? 

5. How many people are in the company and where are the offices ?

6. Corellation between stock markets and economy ?

7. Does GDP reflect true picture of economy ? What is missing in GDP ?

Member 1

1. Do you think car sales would go down in near future ?

2. What is the future of bitcoin ?

3. What are the challenges associated with bitcoins ?

Member 2

1. Why did you choose geography optional ?

2. Are there any future potentialities of geography and what are they ?

3. Metro was constructed on one route but traffic congestion due to cars did not reduce. Why ?

Member 3

1. Most popular car in range of 5-10L , 10-20L , >20L ?

2. Do people shift from small to big cars as prosperity increases ? 

3. So much volatility in stock markets and people are loosing money. Should we be worried ?

4. Impact of long term capital gains tax. Good/Bad ?

5. Philosophy of santhara ?

Member 4 

1. Asked on status of railways project at IIT Kharagpur 

2. Is merger of applied research and education good ?

3. How does your company make money ?

4. What is the difference between systems engineering and systems management ?

Chairperson in the end asked if I would like to add/say anything else 


My observations:

Cordial environment 

Chairperson, was interested to know about my current job and indirectly wanted to understand that how could I prepare while I was working. Some case study related questions were also asked to check practical understanding.

Questions on application of Geography were there but few questions from engineering background. Board focused more on my opinion rather than factual knowledge. I think being humble during interview is a very important virtue. At the fag end of the interview, I thanked all the members, pushed the chair back which bought a pleasant smile on face of members. 


Last Update Monday 16th July 2018     

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