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Questions asked during Interview - Anu Kumari (AIR 2; CSE 2017)

I was very calm and smiling throughout the interview. I treated it as if I was talking to the elders in my family. I think it went on for 35-40 mins.

I felt that my interview went well. I was satisfied.

I could not answer 3 questions but i calmly managed, smilingly said sorry I do not know it.

Anu Kumari

AIR 2; CSE 2017


Interview Board: Ms. Smita Nagaraj

  • Why UPSC 12 years after graduation?
  • You worked for 8 years in financial services sector, what was the motivation? What kept you going?
  • There are a lot of unethical practices in insurance sector, what they are and why they are happening? Is regulator sleeping?
  • Recent NHPS helath insurance scheme, it is going to help private sector more than the citizens what should we do to stop such malpractices?
  • There will be a change in orientation while you move from private sector to public sector. How will you manage?
  • How technology has impacted these services sectors?

Other members

  • 39 Indians got killed in Iraq, Do you think Govt handled the sitution well?
  • Facebook data leak issue- do you think these social media firms are taking users for a ride?
  • Social media was created to unite (socialise) but it is dividing the society, Ur take?
  • Some misinterpretation of one of my answers by a member to which he asked me that I was earning pretty well already, still why I need more money , why? (Smita ma’am interrupted and corrected him)
  • Marketing lessons to be learnt from entrepreneur turned Baba Ramdev marketing strategies
  • You are from Hindu college, Which minister from Hindu college is there in the ministry today?
  • Pink pyjamas are flying over Red Fort today, what do u understand by this?
  • Narcotic problem in India today, how will u handle them in a district? What are the drugs consumed by the ppl?
  • Children are committing suicide, why ? what should be done?
  • Today’s girls (bahus) don’t want to live in a joint family, do u agree?
  • Are joint families good for women empowerment?
  • You are a sportswoman, what do you think are the corruption related problems in sportsbodies in India
  • What are the groundlevel differences that you have experienced travelling in metro in Gurgaon and in Delhi- One is a PPP (public pvt partnership), other is Govt owned. (I said I have nt travelled in Gurgaon metro) He asked, others would have travelled n shared their experiences.. (I have been working in Gurgaon, commuting from Delhi)
  • What are the problems of PPP? Why is India not able to successfully execute them?
  • I have lost money in Mutual Fundss, convince me that I shd still invest in MFs
  • What is colonial hangover?- Good or bad? Give Egs

Last question by Smita Ma’am

  • You had said that Govt should have been more humane in handling killing of Indians in Mosul issue, but then also appreciated the Govt for their extra efforts to trace the Indians and bring them back. Is this your approach to all the things- saying this is correct but this is also correct, will you be able to take decisions based on this? What is going to be your approach as an administrator?


Observations- Extremely cordial people, one thing I liked about them was they do not carry an air of authority. They seemed very approachable and not the kind of authority that invoked fear and awe among people sometimes. Round table sitting so it actually seemed like a discussion, No interview but a discussion. No fact based or knowledge based questions.


Last Update Monday 16th July 2018     

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