“No Matter what the odds are, Determination and Passion is the Key to Crack this Examination”; says Hasan Safin Mustufaali (AIR 570; CSE 2017)

It is an unusual story of a Gujarati boy who has shown strong faith in self, his parent’s sacrifice and opportune help he got from unfamiliar persons that shaped his career.

Hasan Safin Mustufaali (AIR 570; CSE 2017) who just turned 23,has achieved what he desired in his first attempt in Civil Services Examination. He also cleared Gujarat PSC Class 1 simultaneously with Rank 34.

His choice was Literature of Gujarati Language as Optional Subject.


Career in Civil Service is my dream; says Hasan Safin Mustufaali, and I wanted to accomplish it in first attempt; I mean who doesn’t. I really feel blessed I could do it in my first encounter with Civil services Examination.

Hasan Safin,a native of Kanodar, District Banaskantha (Palanpur), Gujrat completed B.Tech. (Electronics and Communication) from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat in 2016 and immediately turned his attention towards Civil Services Examination preparation.

My desire was so strong and hopes of my parents, my family, friends and even many strange persons were with me who always believed in me and today I am experiencing what I wished for. Although, I am little short of my dream objective; still, cracking Civil Services Examination in first attempt is enough to boost my confidence and God willing I will reach my destination soon.

Coming to basic question; how post of ‘IAS’ become career aim - “Civil Services provides a prestigious career with highest amount of influence on ordinary citizens. For a person coming from middle class and who has gone through many troubles, this job provides opportunity to change life of mine, along with so many people who are placed in the same situation.”


Next, I want to talk a little about my family. My father is a labourer and works as an electrician in my village. Mother is homemaker and also makes chapattis on order. She also worked as diamond labourer in earlier days. I belong to lower middle class family. My relatives helped me with my studies till college up to some extent.

My study expenditure for Civil Services Exam has been provided by a couple Mr Husainbhai and Mrs Jarinaben with whom I share no blood relation. But we share the Human relation which is above all. And that was the reason I could afford study in Delhi.Hasan-Safin-upsc-topper-570th-rank-cse-2017-with-parents

Biggest contribution from my parents is the strong value system which I inherited from them. They have taught me the right values not by preaching, but by living them. My younger brother Asnain has always helped me with my work.

Factors that contributed in success

I think a learning attitude is something which has helped me to enable myself to survive in this exam.

A person coming from vernacular medium and rural background could become someone who could survive in Old Rajinder Nagar (Central Delhi) is because of this attitude.

Right advice on Preparation-Plan

During my college years, I researched a lot for understanding the nature of this exam. It was like sharpening an axe.

Apart from that, I had this habit of meeting IAS and IPS officers whenever it is possible.

I got guidance from Mr. Tejas Parmar (2016 Batch IAS officer) from the beginning till date. I also got guidance for my interview from Mr Ansar Sheikh (2016 Batch IAS officer) and many other IAS and IPS officers.

Apart from dedication and hard work; smart and selective study helped me in my endeavour.  

My coaching classes did provide me guidance and showed the path which I religiously followed. I believe that one should stick to one plan and give his/her best in that instead of following advice from each and everyone.

Secret of Success

Try to understand what UPSC demands from you. Being selective is very crucial. Revision is inevitable. And of course, you must have the strong reason for joining this exam which keeps you motivated.

Credit for success

My family, Mr. Husainbhai and his wife, my friends and of course, my coaching institute

To motivate future aspirants I have two things to share:

  • When I was going for my Mains Exam on Oct 31, I met with an accident and got injuries on head, leg and left hand. Time was 8:30. I noticed that my right hand was safe and I decided to appear for the exam and wrote GS3 paper. After Preliminary check-up during recess, I appeared for all papers and later on I came to know that I had Tier 3 injury in my knee ligament which can only be cured after a surgery. Still I could clear Main Examination.
  • My interview was on March 23. I was admitted to hospital on Feb 20 as I had got Urinary infection and my WBC counts had crossed the upper threshold by unexceptional no. I was discharged on March 1 and I went to Delhi for Interview preparation. On March 03, I had to fly back home as this time I got tonsillitis and again WBC Counts reached to 30k. I finally got discharged on March 15 and appeared in interview on March 23 and could secure second highest score in Personality Test.

I think this is enough to tell that no matter what the odds are, determination and passion is the key to crack this examination.

Last Update Sunday 4th August 2019     

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