Consistency, perseverance, self belief and ability to analyse my failure are four factors that worked for me; says Ravi Anand (AIR 79; CSE 2017)

With focussed hard work Ravi Anand, B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has accomplished his goal of becoming IAS Officer by securing 79th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

Ravi has shown interest in keeping Geography as optional subject.

This success came to him in his third attempt.


To achieve something big, just making plans is not enough. You must also work hard to accomplish it. You may not be successful in first try; despite the consequences you have to just keep pushing.

For Ravi Anand (AIR 79; CSE 2017), it had become a mission and he surrounded his mind space with positive thoughts so that the Goal remains entranced in mind and by doing so, he could devote enormous amount of efforts in to his foray in to Civil Services Examination.

Continuous learning as part of preparation process helped him achieve desired success in third attempt as he secured 79th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

What worked for him in achieving this splendid success is General Studies where he got 500+ marks out of total 1000 to get hold of top ranks. Equal contribution chipped in from Essay also where his score is 148 out of total 250 marks.

For Ravi, career journey commenced with Reliance Industries Limited as Graduate Engineer Trainee. In between, he had a brief stint as student exchange visitor at University of California, Berkeley before Ravi relied upon private tuition to fund his foray in to Civil Services Examination.Ravi-Anand-ias-topper-79th-rank

Identifying the reasons why career in civil service became top-of-mind Ravi said, “Coming from a lower middle class family and experiencing poverty from close quarters, I have recognised the role played by civil services throughout my career.

During my childhood, I used to go to get the ration from the PDS shop, get vaccinations and treatment in government hospitals. At that time, I was not aware about these works done by our government and civil servants in ensuring a good life for the people.

As I grew up, I understood that the work done by the government machinery is immense and realised that civil service gives an excellent opportunity to work for the upliftment of the people. I choose this field to give back to the society and the people as it has given to me.

Initially, I got the right advice on preparation plan through the interviews of various toppers in magazines and websites like iaspassion, Mrunal etc. Apart from that, friends who were preparing with me also provided significant inputs at various stages of the examination. I had not taken coaching for general studies and hence their role was negligible.

The factor that contributed in success the most is the role played by my parents, especially my mother and elder brother is special. I come from Dumka, Jharkhand. My father is currently Assistant Engineer serving in the government of Jharkhand, my mother is a housewife and my elder brother is also preparing for civil services after working for three years in a Central PSU.

Sharing the secret of success, Ravi said, “My family always supported me in my endeavours. Their faith in me has always motivated me to put in more efforts. My brother used to teach me during my school days and during the phase of preparation for civil services in Delhi, he took it upon himself to ensure that I was focused on my studies. Apart from academic knowledge, they taught me to be ethical and honest. I think without them, I would not have achieved this success and so it's special.”Ravi-Anand-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2017-79th-rank-with-brother

It took me three attempts to accomplish my goal. In my previous attempts, I think my selection was not due to inadequate preparation; but, due to certain health issues. In this attempt, I managed to prepare fully and with good health. The previous experiences also played a constructive role as I was able to pinpoint my areas of further improvement.

Consistency, perseverance, self belief and ability to analyse my failure are four factors that I consider to have contributed the most in getting this rank.

To motivate future aspirants Ravi said, “I will tell aspirants that the process of this Civil Service Examination is such that you get to experience all kinds of emotions. Embrace them with courage and keep your focus on your target. Hard work will pay off ultimately.”

Last Update Tuesday 30th July 2019     

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