Best wishes to all appearing in Civil Service (Main) Examination 2018

With the result of Prelims 2018, the stage is set for candidates who advanced to next level - Civil Service (Main) Examination 2018.

The real battle begins September 28, 2018 the day Civil Service (Main) Examination commence. It is going to be 5-day affair.

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Success in Prelims comes as an opportunity to move a step close to your dream career - IAS

Mains Examination is the real test of your accumulated knowledge, expression of your views, writing skills and above all - Time Management.

At this stage you are to face some serious and healthy competition from the aspirants who are reasonably good at both General Studies and Optional Subject.

Essay Paper has emerged as high-scoring opportunity and has to be given due attention.

Now, Civil Services Exam is all about strategy and to conquer, you will have to make one for you. 

We expect your preparation would have been as per plan and would have made full use of time available after Prelims 2018.

You would have taken stock of the things and have evaluated your preparedness.

With ample practice, you enhance chances of your success at this stage.

Be it your first encounter with Main Examination, next or may be last, be ready to face all question papers confidently, never lose hope and don’t get upset at any stage during examination.

With a positive frame of mind aim for the top and give it all you have.

Strong determination and hard-work will bear fruits and blessings of your parents and elders would work wonders for you.

iaspassion team wishes you luck!

All the best!

Last Update Saturday 14th July 2018

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