Planning and Discipline are two most crucial aspects of this Exam; says Shreyash Pratap Singh (AIR 266; CSE 2017)

Shreyash Pratap Singh, B.E. (Electrical and Electronics) from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani has registered a remarkable success in Civil Services Examination 2017.

It was his second attempt and he had picked Political Science and International Relations as optional subject.


For Shreyash Pratap Singh, talent was waiting to be uncovered as he found his touch in the second attempt that helped him grab 266th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

Being explicit Shreyash told about his career-choice, “I consider myself a fortunate individual to have a decent schooling during childhood and a strong support system in my parents for my studies. I have thus always believed that the almighty has given me the responsibility to dedicate, help and serve those who are less fortunate, underprivileged and deprived.”

Two prominent reasons contributed to my decision to pursue civil services –

a) Civil Service provides the best platform to achieve the objectives of dedicating my career to the service of the nation.

b) The diversity of challenges in a civil servants career with the varied scope and impact was also something which attracted me towards it.

“I feel these raison d'être resonates with most of the candidates thus making Civil services Examination a big craze.”Shreyash-Pratap-Singh-ias-topper-266th-rank

Shreyash commenced his career as Component Design Engineer with INTEL Technologies India, Bangalore; but, soon in search of value hidden in the shadows, he indulged in serious preparation for CSE.

Disclosing his next step, Shreyash said, “Experience of a year and a half in the corporate world after graduation in a way strengthened my resolve for a career in Civil Services as I realized that I would get greater job satisfaction in the long run by being in the civil services.‘’

To get the right advice on preparation plan I would read the topper’s interviews on different websites and filter out the best plan and techniques that would suit for me. At the same time, I avoided rigidity in following those techniques, so that I could innovate dynamically to build my own methods of study.

"I had a crunch of time in my first attempt as I had left my job only in July 2016 and took the Prelims in August followed by Mains in December 2016. However, it proved fortuitous for me as I looked for the shortcuts with which I could complete the syllabus. That helped in my second attempt. Also lessons from my first interview imparted me the important lesson of not letting my guard down at any stage of this exam and keep working till the goal is achieved. I was more confident and relaxed in this attempt’s interview.”

“My parents’ constant motivation and belief in me was paramount in bringing fruition to my efforts. Moreover, taking up the job back after the Mains exam in 2017 was crucial in increasing my confidence levels and self belief before facing the interview board. It reflected in the substantial increase in my interview marks in this attempt in comparison to my first attempt interview” he added.Shreyash-Pratap-Singh-ias-topper-266th-rank-with-family

Conveying his gratitude towards his family Shreyash said, “My mother is a homemaker who has been the biggest source of inspiration and motivation for me throughout the journey of this exam. In the numerous moments of despair and disappointments, during preparation, it was her who taught me the value of patience, perseverance and self-belief. She constantly reminded me of the reason I started preparation of this exam in the first place that is to serve the nation. My father is currently working as General Manager, NTPC Ltd currently posted in Dehradun. It was he who first instilled in me the vision of working for the nation, for the poor and the needy. His words of advice helped me in being realistic while making my preparation plans. My younger sister is currently a law undergraduate.”

“Our discussions concerning controversial legal issues in current affairs helped me generate new ideas and perspectives, which helped me in the exam. Besides, during my interview preparation, we would simulate the interview environment often, wherein my parents and sister would form the interview board members. It helped me immensely, through their critical feedbacks, in refining my speech volume, coherence, expressions and in following the right etiquettes.”

Outlining factors that helped him succeed Shreyash said, “Planning and discipline are two most crucial aspects of this exam, something which I missed in my first attempt. I studied haphazardly at that time and thus was able to qualify the Mains Exam only by a few marks. I worked according to a well charted, disciplined time table this time, which showed in the results. I also took to heart the “Nishkaam Karma” (निष्काम कर्म) philosophy of Bhagvad Gita in this attempt and did not worry about the end result. This made me stress free and helped me in enjoying the process itself.”

Secret of Success: There is no secret as such. Though, I have realized that your family members are the only ones who stay with you in success as well as failure. Without my parents’ support this would not have been possible.

Words of advice to future aspirants:

  • I would advise aspirants to not consider this exam anything more than a one year project, which needs complete dedication and devotion.
  • I also believe and have experienced that hard work always pays off at some or the other point in life.
  • One should be realistic with the role luck plays in this exam and thus keep belief in one’s efforts and capabilities.
  • Too much attachment with the exam actually harms performance. Hence, one should have a balanced life with time for oneself, friends as well as the family.



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