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I follow a simple formula which says, Delete all that Distracts you; says Naveen Kumar Chandra (AIR 490; CSE 2017)

To accomplish his goal, Naveen Kumar Chandra has shown sense of responsibility and complete dedication towards the purpose and availed the opportunity he got.

It was his second attempt that produced desired results; even in earlier attempt also he got selected and got IRPS.

Naveen had shown faith in Political Science & International Relations by picking it as optional subject.

While exploring career opportunities, there are so many things in life that come on your radar and become fascinating.

But, Naveen had decided it very early in life and had narrowed his career search to ‘Civil services’ only; moreover, it was a wish of his mother for which he left no stone unturned.

Naveen Kumar Chandra completed Integrated M.Tech. in Polymer Science and technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee in 2015 indulged in serious preparation for Civil Services Examination.

Straightway elaborating the reasons for choosing career in Civil Service Naveen said, “There are primarily two reasons for it; first, I was always fascinated by the scope and resources a Civil Servant has to work with, to contribute and to change things for the better. Second, in my college, I have tried my hand at everything, research, internship at big private companies, a few start-ups etc,; but, I didn’t get any internal satisfaction and my mind was never at peace, that’s when this hidden desire, a childhood one, of both mine and my father’s was reignited and I decided to pursue it.


Defining the major factor that contributed in splendid success Naveen said, “Yes, not one but two things; first and foremost my Mother, she has been mine as well as my family’s rock, we owe everything to her sacrifices and hard work; and Second, my father, his selfless dedication toward making sure that we get the best education proved to be the deciding factor.”

Acknowledging family’s contribution Naveen said, “In brief, I wrote the exam, they were always there preparing with me.”

"In the beginning, on preparation plan I did my own research on everything and I suggest the same to all who want to prepare. Reason for this is, it’s a test of patience, this exam and if one is not even willing to work and find out how to go about it in their own, how would they actually study the vast syllabus for the 8-9 months. Also, doing this on your own would make you aware of so many things and you would not be reliant on others for each small thing."

It was my second attempt, the core differences were as follows:

  • This time around I was more relaxed and thus that helped me a lot writing the exam with minimum tension.
  • I focused a lot more in making some very changes which people generally ignore, like my hand writing, underlining, incorporating diagrams, flow charts etc in answers etc
  • I focused much more on my weaknesses than my strengths.

The most important thing which worked for me was the relaxed state of mind that helped me in getting desired success. I have removed the anxiety from my mind, making sure that I take it only as an exam and not sometime bigger than that. This helped me focus a lot better.

Naveen Chandra’s Secret of Success: I follow a formula which says, delete all that distracts you, thus, I make no compromises on my time. Anyone or anything, coming in my way, I make sure that I remove them from it.

Last Update Tuesday 10th July 2018     

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