Never doubt yourself and never lose hope; says Yognik Baghel (AIR 340; CSE 2017)

Yognik Baghel, B.Tech. (Information and Communication Technology) from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication has achieved success in Civil services Examination 2017.

For Yognik, it was third attempt that that gave him taste of success as he held 340th Rank; though, he expected a little better.

He had chosen Philosophy as optional subject.


In the beginning, he was misguided by some of his seniors; still, he took things in stride; he appeared in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination twice before and faced negative outcome. In between tried hand with some other career opportunities, but failed.

And as the luck would have been, finally he got things right in his third attempt in Civil Services Examination 2017; by clearing Prelims he acquired the touch, then wrote Mains and finally succeeded to find his name attached to 340th Rank.

He explored the things that motivated him; about CSE 2017 his confession– “Success was a combination of efficient planning, execution, faith in my strategy and the belief that writing Main Examination is a golden opportunity.”

It is a prologue to introduce Yognik Baghel who never lost faith in his abilities and has worked consistently to accomplish his goal.

Yognik had initially thought that he would clear the exam and secure a really good rank in the 1st attempt itself; but, that was his innocence speaking. As a matter of fact, his confidence level was so high that he had not participated in college placement drive just to focus on Civil service preparation with single minded focus.

Putting his journey in the picture Yognik said, “I trust my intelligence and intuitions and was sure of my success. But, it seems I made it easy to do something badly. I kept making mistakes; but, important take away - I did not give up; I kept learning from them.”

“I failed UPSC Prelims twice, UPPSC Prelims once, Mains of RBI, even SBI (Preliminary Exam) and finally I cleared UPSC. I kept patience, kept my mind busy in positive activities like meditating, gardening, cooking etc and followed a disciplined life with no distractions from my preparation” he acknowledged.

Opening his heart about the career choice Yognik said, “Civil Services offer the best job package in our country today in terms of honour, power and prestige, social recognition, opportunity to bring positive change, development of our region, satisfaction, job dynamism, variety and career growth and finally decent salary and perks. No other job offers such a package.”

Recognizing the significance of having good friends who contribute Yognik said, “I learnt from my own failures, apart from that I made my plans after listening to the speeches of toppers and discussing it with my close friends and co-aspirants Vasundhara and Ankur.

Candidly admitting that the strength to sustain came from his parents; talking about his family, Yognik said, “My father Dr. Dhirendra Kumar, is a professor of demography and statistics. He is currently working in UNICEF, my mother Dr. Meenakshi Baghel is a lecturer of Botany in Government PG College. When people ask me how I kept moving forward despite facing several failures; my usual reply to them is that when my parents were not willing to give up on me then I had no right to submit either. Both of them showed tremendous faith in my capacity is and always supported me economically emotionally and mentally. They played the biggest role in my selection.”

Visualizing his previous attempts Yognik said, “I see these as lessons! In first attempt my knowledge was insufficient; in second attempt, I did not know how many questions to attempt and how to eliminate wrong options, in my third attempt I worked on both of these things and I cleared Prelims and the entire exam.

Motivating future aspirants Yognik said, “Shed away your negativity. There is no point in finding out flaws in others and criticising them for their shortcomings; instead try to find your own weaknesses and convert them into your strengths. Make good plans by listening to speeches of toppers and talking to them, more importantly execute those plans. Never doubt yourself and never lose hope. Stay away from distractions and utilise the time in the best manner possible.”

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