I have a positive attitude towards life that remained unaffected by earlier failures; says Pooja Vashisth (AIR 111; CSE 2017)

After clearing all obstacles that came in way to her dream career, Pooja Vashisth, B.Tech in Biotechnology from R V College of Engineering, Bangalore has secured 111th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

Pooja achieved this success in her third attempt.

Her Optional subject was Political Science & International Relations


While preparing for Civil Services Examination, for most of the candidates, the beginning is always with full enthusiasm and success seems in sight; but, as preparation move forwards, you come in terms with the realities.

Pooja Vashisth (AIR 111; CSE 2017) from Sonipat, Haryana moved to Bangalore in 6th standard and later after completing graduation became serious about foray in to Civil Services Examination.

Pooja has always maintained that she was destined for great things as she always listen to inner voice and just focused on the goal she had set for herself.

Revealing her mind-set in the beginning Pooja said, “I did not take any advice on Preparation-Plan. As a matter of interest, I read toppers’ stories for quite some time; but, never tried to follow their strategies. I believe that it is such a long and difficult process that you can rely only on yourself.”

“Who knows your abilities, your mind-power, mental status, strengths and weaknesses better than you. So, your plan has to be accommodative of who you are; otherwise it may fail” she added.

Elaborating on this point she said, “I also did not follow a rigid plan. I gave myself enough freedom to study what appealed to me at that time.”

Candidly admitting the Civil Services Examination journey was full of sweet and sour proceedings; talking about it Pooja said, “Predicting the future is a risky practice and it is a big examination and not everyone cracks it in first attempt. I had an embarrassing first attempt as I missed Preliminary Examination just by 3 marks. In second attempt, I missed interview call by 8 marks and now, in third attempt finally I attained 111th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.”


Self-confidence work wonders and it is all in your mind; conveying her strategies for facing big competition Pooja said, “Despite being unsuccessful in earlier two attempts, this time I went into the Main Examination without any expectation and zero fear of failure. So, if you can ditch yourself from the result and focus only on giving your best to the process and doing justice to every subject, I am sure you will be able to stay motivated and calm during the examination.”

Sharing her secret of success Pooja said, “I have a positive attitude towards life that remained unaffected by failures. It kept me confident in my abilities and motivated through the low phase.”

Acknowledging the parent’s contribution and family’s support Pooja said, “My journey has taken a long time with many failures. Throughout my preparation I stayed at home and it was my family’s support and motivation, I could sustain and reach my destination.”

Addressing future aspirants Pooja said, Each candidate desires success in first attempt; but, some candidates forget the basic intent. At any point of time, don’t allow the purpose to take back seat.”

“If you are focused, success may get delayed; but, you will certainly emerge successful one day.”

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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