“Be Positive and Work Hard in Right Direction, Success will be yours”; says Pushp Lata (AIR 80; CSE 2017)

For Pushp Lata, a mother of 5 year old, it has been a radical change of directions as she showed courage to appearing Civil Services Examination when circumstances were quite challenging and with family responsibilities even imagining about it was difficult.

Despite all odds, she has registered a remarkable success in Civil Services Examination 2017 by securing 80th rank.

It was her third attempt and she had picked up Geography as optional subject.


Today, Pushp Lata (AIR 80; CSE 2017) is a recognizable name and her success in Civil Services Examination 2017 has made her a role model for many; especially women candidates who many a times hesitate to take big steps and despite having talent, considering as destiny adjust to the surrounding; for sake of their family ultimately stop thinking about their career dreams.

M.Sc. (Zoology) from Kurukshetra University, Haryana Pushp Lata enhanced her skills with MBA from IP University, Delhi and commenced her career with State Bank of Hyderabad in 2012.

After marriage, she was fortunate to have such atmosphere where she could explore possibilities and at an appropriate time could even think about her dream career and could pursue it.Pushp-Lata-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2017-80th-rank

Beginning the discussion Pushp Lata said, “My husband has acted as pillar of my strength during this whole preparation journey. Right from helping me in managing my home and child, he has helped me in overcoming stressful moments, fruitful discussion on many contemporary topics, acting as a shield from many problems. I could finish this journey because of him only.”

“Besides, my parents have shown never ending faith on me. They have supported me in my every decision in life.”

“My son who is five years old has also contributed indirectly by being a calm child and having equally affectionate to everyone in family just not a mamma’s boy. My in laws also stood with me at time of need as well. So, whole family has contributed their part” she added.

Revealing the motivation for changing career direction Pushp Lata said, “In my surroundings, I had seen many social problems like farmer’s plight; women’s condition etc. and these bothered me a lot. I wanted to work for the common people and except Civil Services nothing can provide that opportunity. Nothing can give more satisfaction than giving positive contribution to society.”


Sharing details about her attempts Pushp Lata said, "When I started preparation in February 2015 for the first attempt, my preparation was not complete."

"I could not clear Prelims in first attempt. It took me almost one year to understand what to study and what to be left. In my second attempt, I made some mistake like less emphasis on essay, ignoring option and less intensive preparation during interview. As a result, I missed final list by 7 marks in only."

"During this attempt, I recognized my mistakes, rectified these and worked upon these. I avoided multiple sources and emphasized on multiple revisions" she added.

She had chosen Geography as her optional subject and being semi scientific subject her understanding towards this subject was quick and better as compared to other subjects from humanities.

Revealing secret of her success Pushp Lata said, "If I could succeed, it is due to two reasons; One, Self assessment i.e. identifying my weaknesses and working on that to improve helped in achieving success and Second, Being like a sponge i.e. any good thing observed or found anywhere, taking a note of that for further reference and including it at right place."

Indicating about her preparation-plan Pushp Lata said, “I took help from Online sources that are affordable and accessible as well. These provide concise material and right resources needed for preparation. Their daily issues not only keep us updated; but, also provide a platform for peer review and assessing yourself with other competitors. Based on these self suited strategy is best option to choose.”

Motivating future aspirants Pushp Lata said, मन के हारे हार है, मन के जीते जीत

So, be positive and work hard in right direction, success will be yours.

Being from a village and humble background clinched in responsibilities and traditions, if I can do this after managing family, my child, then anyone can definitely do this.

“Need is to Dream, Plan, Act and Achieve.”

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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