Consistency and Perseverance have been my tools throughout my preparation; says Gaurav Kumar (AIR 34 CSE 2017)

Gaurav Kumar, a topper in class 10th and 12th standard and Gold medallist in B.E has posted an astounding success in Civil Services Examination 2017 by securing 34th rank in the merit-list.

He has achieved this success in fourth attempt.

He had picked up Sociology as optional subject.


At very beginning of life, Gaurav Kumar had set his goal to achieve something big in life. Fascinated by Gandhi Ji's Talisman of working for the poor and needy; inner motivation forced him to look at ‘Civil Service’ as a medium to accomplish this cherished goal.

Gaurav Kumar (AIR 34 CSE 2017) had graduated (B.E. Hons - Mechanical Engineering) from PEC University of technology, Chandigarh and soon indulged in serious preparation for Civil Services Examination, his dream career.

Letting know the reason for choosing career in Civil Service, Gaurav said, “Civil Services offers ample opportunity to work both at policy formulation and implementation levels. It allows to contribute directly to the needs of poor people and bringing a positive change in their lives.”

For taking advantage of appropriate actions Gaurav gives full credit to his family & show gratitude for their contribution. He said, “My family has been the strongest support system for me. It is my family and their endless support that has helped me sail through this arduous exam process. My father is an engineer and mother is a homemaker. Both of them have constantly motivated me to fulfill my dreams and assisted me in every possible manner. It is from them that I learnt the ideals of truth, hard work, patience and honesty. My younger brother who is pursuing his engineering helped me at every step like preparing notes; revision etc, I often discussed many issues with him and thereby gaining an alternative perspective on many issues.”Gaurav-Kumar-ias-topper-34th-rank-cse-2017

Talking about his preparation-plan Gaurav said, “If I have to summarize my endeavour, it can be described in four words – Enthusiasm, Determination, Optimism and Energy. And feel fortunate to have a group of friends who were really serious towards the common goal – career in ‘Civil Services’.”

The effect – all of us cleared Civil Services Examination this time and feels really contented.

 “My friends Anirudh (AIR 306 CSE 2017) and Vishal Mishra (AIR 49 CSE 2017) helped me in my preparation. I used to discuss all plans, issues and queries with them. They helped me strategize better and thereby acted as a feedback mechanism for me. They are like gems in my life, always enlightening my path and making things easier for me.”

Recounting the occurrences Gaurav said, “I was not selected in the previous three attempts. In the initial attempt, I was not prepared well for Main Examination and in the subsequent attempt; I didn't score well in General Studies papers.”

“But, since success is not final and failure is not fatal; it is only the courage to continue that counts. I started it all again and finally, in this attempt I was able to make it directly to the toppers list. I thank God a lot for this success.”

Being candid in talks, Gaurav said, “I had been good at academics and since beginning I was anticipating good results. Somehow, things were not working in favour; but, by building the focus necessary for this exam, I always remained motivated. Consistency and perseverance have been my tools throughout my preparation.”

To motivate future aspirants Gaurav said, “Just remember one thing "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time, because someday everything will make perfect sense."

“So, just let your dreams guide your way.”

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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