Focus on maintaining pH i.e. Patience and Hard-work helped me succeed; says Vishal Mishra (AIR 49; CSE 2017)

Vishal Mishra, B.Tech from HBTU, Kanpur and M.Tech from IIT Kanpur, has carried out a splendid achievement by fulfilling his dream of becoming IAS. He has secured 49th Rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

Vishal had chosen Sociology as Optional Subject.

In his third attempt he achieved this brilliant success.


Success in Civil Services Examination is more to do with what is going on in our mind. The pattern of thoughts, passion and actions that follows determines the ultimate result.

Story of Vishal Mishra (AIR 49; CSE 2017) is no different; it is all about putting his Goal in writing and passionately taking small but steady steps to accomplish the task in hand.

Initiating chat with views about career exploration Vishal said, “Once insights and awareness converged, it was clear that the career in ‘Civil Service’ offers unique opportunity to work at both stages policy implementation and policy formulation. It offers diversity career growth learning opportunities and prestige. So, the goal was set and course of action was planned accordingly.”

The beginning was with full gusto as help was available whenever I need it said Vishal, “The right advice on preparation-plan came from my elder brother Vivek and friends like Gaurav (AIR 34; CSE 2017) and Shashank were there to help me. I used to discuss with them, reviewed things as per my situation; and then, finalized plans.”Vishal-Mishra-ias-topper-49th-rank-cse-2017

Elaborating on role of his family Vishal said, “For me, my family is everything especially parents. My father Shri Hari Prasad Mishra is a retired Principal from Government College and mother Smt Sudha Mishra is a housewife. Both my elder sister Ranjana Mishra and Jija ji Ashutosh Dixit are teacher in Government schools. My elder brother Vivek Mishra in Defence and he gave me directions and guidance. He supported all four years financially as well as academically.”

“All family members supported me when I failed in previous two attempts. Their conviction in my capabilities was so strong that they never supported the idea of joining job as they said that I should focus on studies only” he added.

Going into detail about his journey, Vishal said, “Faith in God and family support was so strong that I could sustain my efforts despite unfavourable results in previous occasions. If I look back at my previous attempts - in my first attempt, I was not fully prepared; and in second attempt, I tried to fill the gaps and improve my Performance by writing more tests before Prelims and Main Examination."

"However, the success was destined with this third attempt and I believe focus on maintaining pH i.e. Patience and Hard-work helped me succeed.”

If I am asked to recount what contributed the most in getting top ranks, I will say “Smart hard work and right guidance worked the wonders. Inspiration from someone close boosts confidence and I am fortunate to have brother like Vivek who has been pillar of strength. Having good friends is an asset and things look manageable when you have someone around to help, correct your mistakes, and to motivate you."

"If I talk about preparation-steps, habit of notes making helped immensely in Main Examination” he added.

Motivating future aspirants Vishal said, “Face the fear by writing more and more practice tests; whether it is Prelims or Main Examination.  Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is courage to continue that counts.”

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