“My whole IAS Preparation has been product of Hit and Trial methods” says Utsav Gautam (AIR 33; CSE 2017)

Utsav Gautam, B. Tech. (Electrical Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology, Patna has achieved a brilliant success in Civil Services Examination 2017 and has secured 33rd Rank.

It was his fourth attempt and he picked up Mathematics as optional subject.


When you are aspiring for tests like Civil Services Examination, several virtues work in your favour; the most significant of them are ‘clarity of purpose’ and ‘focus’.

Utsav Gautam (AIR 33; CSE 2017) has shown that if you have talent; success may come a little late; but, with persistence and single-mindedness, ultimately you can achieve what you aim for.

Brilliance of Utsav was reflecting from his school days and after completing B. Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Patna in Electrical Engineering, Utsav got placement in Indian Oil Corporation Limited and in 2013 he joined Mathura Refinery as Electrical Engineer.

Elaborating how career in ‘Civil Service’ became top-of-mind choice Utsav said, “During my childhood days, while observing various developments from local newspapers, I was quite impressed by the wider social impact that civil services could offer.  Above all, it was my parental aspiration as well.”

It was a dream to become IAS and motivation for this came from his father as he always reminded Utsav about the Goal. So, within a year, Utsav left his job and with clarity about the goal, commenced preparation for Civil Services Examination with full enthusiasm. 

Candidly speaking about is preparation-plan Utsav said, “In the beginning,there was no direct guidance. Though I have read lot of toppers blogs; my whole preparation has been product of hit and trial methods. I have learned a lot from mistakes that I have made in ample amount during the course of my preparation.”

It is all about your Goal setting and the path you take to reach your goal. I trusted my gut feel and each attempt indicated that the path I have taken is correct and I am inching steadily towards my destination. As all my efforts and focus aligned, I scored very well both in General Studies as well as in my Optional Subject Mathematics that contributed the most in getting top ranks in this fourth attempt.

In CSE 2014 Utsav took first attempt and had a very less time to prepare; so, it ended up being just an experience. In second attempt CSE 2015 due to very less General Studies answer-writing practice and poor preparation for optional subject Mathematics Paper II, he faced a negative outcome. A lot of silly mistakes in Mathematics paper cost him heavily.

But, these silly mistakes in Mathematics paper continued even in CSE 2016; however, General Studies improved a lot. Still; skewed allocation of time for interview topics, lead to downfall in third attempt as well.

Ultimately, in his fourth attempt in CSE 2017, Utsav mended all the ambiguities and filled the gaps that existed in his earlier attempts and as a result he found his name sticking to Rank 33.

While he was going through ups and downs, there were reasons that impacted his studies as his father passed away in September 2016, two months before the Main Examination CSE 2016. As the luck would have been, his grandmother passed away 5 days before CSE 2017 Main Examination.

Acknowledging the secret of success Utsav said,Hard work, dedication and honesty with myself and support of my parents and sisters helped me reach the destination.”

Telling more about his family Utsav said, “My family consists of my mother, my two sisters and my grandfather. During the course of my preparation if I could stick to a specific direction that is due to my family and my father always supported me in all possible manners. In last two years, my mother and two sisters were there for me to motivate and always reminded me the purpose and direction.

To motivate future aspirants Utsav said, “Hard-work, perseverance and never say die attitude helps you win.”

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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