Optional Subject selection is very crucial; it could make or break your shot; says Rishi Raj (AIR 27; CSE 2017)

Rishi Raj talks about his preparation style and the way he chalked out strategy for facing Civil Services Examination.

Optional Subject: Electrical Engineering

Number of Attempts: 2 (Two)


RISHI RAJ (AIR 27; CSE 2017)


Medium (Language)

Language for Writing Examination: English

Language for Interview: English

Nature of Examination

UPSC is indeed unpredictable. However, one must focus on static part in Preliminary Examination, answer writing in Main Examination and Personality Development in Interview.

Views about Preliminary Examination

I do agree that Prelims is tricky but it is not only about luck. If one has prepared well and even if he/she had a bad day then also at least he/ she could slightly more than cut-off.

Role of Optional Subject

Optional Subject selection is very crucial because it could make or break your shot at Civil Services Examination. A good score in optional subject could ensure a very good rank in final list.

Targeting General Studies

I consider General Studies as purely generalist papers which don't require any specialised knowledge.

My approach towards each paper:

GS Paper 1: Focus on modern Indian history, use current examples in society related questions and draw as many maps in geography section

GS Paper 2 : Use constitution articles, constituent assembly debates, prsindia, current examples in polity and governance section. And use maps and IDSA content in international relations questions.

GS Paper 3: Use flowcharts, diagrams, maps, current affairs in entire paper.

GS Paper 4: Focus on case studies and try not to over project your ethical credentials.

Interview (Personality Test) and Essay Paper - Evaluation of my efforts by UPSC

My interview marks 184 helped me to get such good rank .and my essay marks 114 are very  low which dragged my rank a bit.

So, I am satisfied with my interview score but not with my Essay marks.

Know more about Rishi Raj: A sense of purpose came at very early stage and aim was clearly defined; so, all I needed was an effective strategy, says Rishi Raj (AIR 27; CSE 2017)
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