With a seamless plan, right guidance and inner motivation, I achieved my Ultimate Goal; says Ankit Jain (AIR 222; CSE 2017)

Ankit Jain, a B.Tech from IET, Lucknow (UPTU) has achieved splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2017. With AIR 222 he expects to fulfill his desire to be in Indian Police Service; his first preference.

With a steady career progression as a Back-Up Plan for Job Security, he achieved this success in his third attempt.

He has continued to show faith with Public Administration as optional subject.


After completing B.Tech Ankit Jain (AIR 222; CSE 2017) worked in IT sector for about eighteen months before he finally committed himself towards his GOAL – career in ‘Civil Services’.

Recounting the events, Ankit Said, “After working for around 1.5 years, I started realizing that this is not where I want to be; and I could not see it as a long term career in terms of self-satisfaction.”

“In ‘Civil Services’ your every single decision can make a huge impact. You can feel the satisfaction of success daily with your good work. Needless to say the responsibility, prestige and avenues of self development that comes with service are immense.”

For Ankit, planning for appearing in Civil Services Examination and sustaining efforts was manageable with a role-model his brother serving in Indian Revenue Services (IT) Sachin Jain (AIR 286; CSE 2015). His success really influenced him and instilled confidence to crack this examination with the right guidance.Ankit-Jain-222-Rank-CSE-2017-ips-topper

Briefing about the role his family played in this success, Ankit said, “I belong to a middle class family. My father is a retired Accountant and mother is homemaker. I just mentioned about my brother Sachin (IRS).  They always supported my every decision, be it resigning from the job for Civil Services Examination preparation, joining any coaching/test series or be it anything. They did not involve me in any other family affairs during preparation phase and did not let my study disturbed by any issues.”

Acknowledging his brother’s role, Ankit said, “The right advice on preparation and the diffusion of knowledge and skill required to crack Civil Services Examination came from my brother who was already into preparation phase before I commenced groundwork.”

“I would say this helped me conceiving the very idea of ‘Civil Services’ let alone the right advice and preparation plan”, he added.

Sachin had also cleared Civil Services Examination with Public Administration, the same optional subject; so, it also helped Ankit breaking psychologically barrier.” 

Right guidance and an early start contributed the most in getting top ranks. Ankit said, “If one starts preparation early enough before appearing for the first time and study in right direction and with dedication, one can make it to the top ranks in very first attempt.”

“Generally, in our first attempts we learn nuances of this examination by making mistakes and apply this learning in subsequent attempts”, he candidly admitted.

In my first attempt CSE 2015, I cleared Preliminary Examination but, lack of answer writing practice cost heavily and I faced negative outcome.  In CSE 2016, I couldn’t even clear Prelims as little different approach with growing weightage of Current Affairs, stumped me out.

Sensing the unpredictable nature of this examination, as a back-up plan securing a career was top-of-mind and to ensure alternative career options, Ankit appeared in SSC-CGL and cracked it twice SSC CGL 2013 - selected for post of ASO in Central Secretariat and SSC CGL 2014 - selected for post of Inspector, GST & Customs.

Expanding on his career progression moves Ankit said, “After my second attempt I joined Central Secretariat Services as ASO and then joined CBEC as inspector. It was a key factor how I managed time in office hours and on weekends to ensure that my study is not hampered.”

Managing preparation with job is a difficult task; but, I was focused and my goal clarity, family support and right guidance contributed the most in my success.

To motivate future aspirants Ankit said, “The best stimulus comes from self/inner motivation. You can be motivated by others for a shorter period of time but for enduring impetus, it has to be come from inside.”

“How passionately you want to become a part of ‘Civil Services’ is directly proportional to the level of your motivation.”

Know Ankit Jain's Preparation-Plan: Civil Services Exam can be made less unpredictable with preparation in right direction and applying that knowledge smartly; says Ankit Jain (AIR 222; CSE 2017)
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