“Smart Work and Focused Strategy with Consistent Effort are the Key Mantras for my Success“; says Amol Srivastava (AIR 83; CSE 2017)

Story of Amol Srivastva clearly resonates with a lot of talented youngsters who have made their presence felt in recent years. After completing B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from VIT, Vellore Amol gave himself a new ambition to realize his dreams.

In his second attempt he achieved this brilliant success.

He chose Political Science & International Relations as Optional Subject.


For a career in ‘Civil Services’ seeds were sown in mind of Amol Srivastava (AIR 83; CSE 2017) since childhood by his grandparents and parents.

Career in ‘Civil Services’ was back of mind and during graduation his ideas matured as some clarity emerged about it. However, he joined a Bengaluru based corporate firm; but, soon he left job to prepare seriously for Civil Services Examination.

Clarifying the steps he took for career development, Amol said, “Job immediately after graduation was just to get an exposure to corporate world and pick few good things from such set-ups. I was always looking out for a chance to contribute my part to the development of the country. ‘Civil Services’ gives an opportunity to be a part of the governance system of the country. Also it is perceived to be one the prestigious services in the country.”

Briefing about his family & their contribution Amol said, “My father retired as senior accountant from NOIDA Authority and my mother is a housewife. My elder sister is in service. My family has been very supportive throughout these years of preparations. Whenever I felt low they were the ones who showed faith in my abilities.Amol-Srivastva-IAS-Topper-83rd-rank-cse-2017-upsc

Amol gained inspiration from IAS toppers interviews and keenly observed their preparation plans to get some insights. How one can take advantage out of these topper’s experiences, Amol said, “All toppers have their different stories and it depends who you relate to and what part of their strategy you can incorporate into your preparation.”

In his first attempt Amol faced interview board; but, failed to find a place in the merit-list. However, he took it as learning experience, rectified mistakes he committed in first attempt and improvised his strategies to conquer it in style this year.

“Mine was a self-help preparation plan; still, I made good use of mock tests and test-series for effective preparation. Internet incidentally was my tactical study resource to tackle the unpredictability attached to this examination” he acknowledged.

Amol said, “With civil Services Examination preparation I learnt to use my skills better and gaining the confidence to become better informed citizen. Success I got with this exposure is a bonus.”

Sharing his secret of success Amol said, “Smart work and focused strategy with consistent effort are the key mantras for my success. I followed my instincts understood the demand of the exam and dived into the preparation with my best efforts.”

Mine was a balanced approach towards all papers and that truly reflects in my result. Important take away from my marks break-up in Civil Services Exam 2017 and an inference anyone can make can be summed up in one word - "Consistency".

I have not got exceptional marks in any particular paper; but, decent score in all papers.

To motivate future aspirants Amol said, “I would suggest aspirants to trust their preparation and not run after coaching and materials for last minute study.”

“Your years of efforts will be of more help than a week of new material. There will be challenges and we have to overcome them.”

A smooth sea never made a ‘Skilled Sailor’.”


Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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