Pure Hard Work, Patience and Perseverance seasoned with a dash of Luck helped me sail through; says Aparajita (AIR 40; CSE 2017)

Aparajita, a Chemical Engineer from BIT, Mesra has secured 40th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

She had chosen History as optional subject.


Aparajita, born and brought up in Varanasi, had constant contemplation about making career in ‘Civil Services’ as she was influenced by her maternal grandfather who always wanted her to consider it as a career option.

Enlightening the motivation and support she got from her family when she finally chose career in ‘Civil Services’ Aparajita said, “My father Mr. C Ram Babu is a retired IRS officer and my mother Late Dr. Vijay Lakshmi Sharma was a Professor (Ancient History).

Being the only daughter to my parents, I was given me full freedom to be honest to myself and take my own decisions, career-wise. Hence it was a decision planned by me, and my parents played the crucial role of being the constant motivators and supporters in my road to success.

Divulging the grounds how this back of mind idea became career destination, Aparajita said, “After completion of my B.Tech, I joined cement major ACC Limited as Deputy Manager – Environment located in a small village of North Uttar Pradesh. I was the only female employee in the whole setup. The experiences and insights I gained therein were enough to clearly structure my thoughts that if we want to change something for the better, the onus is entirely on us, and ‘Civil Services’ is the most apt medium to do so; hence I should give a serious thought to Civil Services Examination.”

The moment clarity emerged; I decided to resign from my job and commenced preparation for Civil Services Examination.

Throwing light on groundwork she did Aparajita said, “In the beginning, I was clueless about Civil Services Examination preparation and had to search for the correct approach as I was going ahead with self-help. I commenced with basic things like NCERTs, Newspapers, and Economic Survey etc. and gradually picked up relevant books and study-material to prepare effectively. My preparation involved thoughtful use of internet resources so that I am well prepared to face some unexpected questions in the paper.”

Even selection of optional subject was strategic as History has huge overlap with General Studies syllabus and bigger factor was that my mother was Professor (Ancient History) that's why I had natural inclination toward this subject.

Recounting the events one after another Aparajita said, “In my first serious attempt CSE 2015, I couldn’t clear Preliminary Examination. In CSE 2016, I wrote Main Examination but, again, due to time management, I couldn’t perform well. This time, I was focused and made it a point to stay away from committing blunders; moreover, revision and answer writing practice helped me in culmination of my endeavor.”

“Time management was the biggest hurdle to me clearing this exam in the past three years. Therefore this time (CSE 2017), in Prelims as well as while writing Main Examination I was really careful”, she added.

The moment I got to know about result; particularly the rank I got, I was glad and contented as nothing can replace the happiness that comes from within.

It has been awesome experience and I would like to share my feelings with aspirants that one should enjoy the journey to dream destination –IAS. Explore and learn new things and take it easy.

Remember: This is just another examination, it isn’t the end of the world; so, don’t let it define you in any way. 

“If you’ve been knocked down, you’ve simply got to get up and fight harder.”

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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